These Four Tips Are All You Need to Win at Video

Video has become the cornerstone of online content strategies. Brands want to meet their target audience interest with more and more video content. In this digital, mobile world, both marketing departments and marketing agencies servicing brands need to scale their content strategy if they want to keep up with brand’s content marketing needs. In this article, we’ve put together four simple tips that we’ve learnt from watching Publishers win at video.

1. Turn Your Existing Content into Video

Your content creators are already putting in precious time and effort to produce the perfect copy, blogs, and photo spreads for your clients. By transforming these into video, you can give that content and copy even more impact and reach.

After all, by 2019, over 80% of all web traffic is expected to be video. Not only are consumers devouring it, but video content is also the most engaging online content. It grabs attention better than text or photos, drives engagement on social, and leads to higher conversion. In fact, landing pages featuring video regularly see over 80% conversion rates.

Take it a step further: Your agency is already filled with storytelling talent. Now equip them with the power to create videos through easy-to-use platforms and elevate them to the next level!

2. Make videos that work on mute

A good song or sharp voiceover are great features for videos. But the reality is that it won’t often be heard. 75% of videos are watched on mute! Lots of viewers simply don’t have the sound on for videos (for anyone who regularly rides a subway, this may be a surprising revelation).

Rather than miss out on connecting with those viewers, use text! This is the method publishers have embraced to walk viewers through breaking news and other reporting. Short, to-the-point overlay lets you give viewers the context and info they need for your video.

Take it a step further: Give your team access to hundreds of rights-cleared soundtracks sorted by genre, mood and pace to give your videos the edge because some viewers are going to want the full experience, anyway.

3. Help supercharge your clients social feeds

Not only do consumers want video, but marketers agree that it is one of the most effective ways to drive engagement and raise brand awareness. This means video should be at the core of your every brand’s social strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute says that social channels need to post at least once a day. As an agency you need to find the perfect platform to enable you manage that scale within your current resources and budget. Affordable and easy-to-use creation platforms will allow you to make video rapidly, populating your clients’ social channels with the most effective content.

Take it a step further: Use services like Hootsuite or CoSchedule to pre-load weeks of content for your clients, and sit back while the content you’ve made takes off. Doing so also helps with scale: your agency can prepare weeks of content in advance using prepared templates, and the approval process for your client is also simplified and streamlined.

4. Video sets you apart from the competition

As video has grown online, many publishers have learned just how valuable video can be in standing apart from the competition. Agencies should take this to heart. Robust video offerings can help you better hit client goals and show off your forward thinking in the online space.

Agencies who are serious about elevating their client services to the next level need to be at the forefront of this transformation, embracing video as part of their content strategy. Brands need a solution for scalable, affordable & better engagement with their target audience – one that allows you to create without compromising the creative vision your clients rely on.

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