Why We Built Wochit Collage Based on Customer Insights

One of the things I like most about Wochit is the close relationships we keep with our clients. All companies say that, and all product teams are driven by client requests to some extent, but at Wochit it’s different – it’s not about adding requests to the pipeline and checking when done. It’s about the deep understanding behind each request, the understanding of the why and not just the what.

Our talented team of video strategists constantly engage with our users in brainstorms around new formats and ideas. We love learning about their wishes as well as presenting them with industry trends and sharing current styles we think would fit their target audiences.

During 2018, we heard many great ideas such as:

  • Face on camera – journalists were more willing to desert traditional reporting methods and experiment with a new medium of vlogging. Especially when talking about live events.
  • Interviews – a sub-genre of “face on camera”, whether it is an interview of an eye witness during a news event or an interview of a marketer explaining about his brand. 
  • Split Screen – a functionality used to compare or contrast two elements by showing them side by side, to highlight details in the frame by showing it enlarged.
  • Vertical Layouts – the vertical trend brought with it many storytelling challenges, with the majority of the footage still being 16×9, it was expected that creators will find creative solutions like vertical layouts combining 2 images or texts and images.

All these requests are also connected to the emergence of a new trend: creating longer videos than before, mostly for Facebook monetization purposes. All those storytelling techniques would allow creators to keep their audience engaged for a longer period of time.

Traditional editing tools that are currently available in the market managed to solve many of these issues by using multiple layers, however, we felt this was not intuitive enough for our users. Innovation is in our DNA, so we started researching for a better solution. 

Our guidelines, like in every new feature we present, were the following:

  • Do Not Disturb
    For some users, especially during the onboarding process, extra features might just be too much. We wanted a solution that won’t interfere in the way of a user who isn’t ready for it.
  • Pop When Right
    We have no intention of developing a secret feature for experts only. We want to catch the user exactly when in the right state of mind. After studying a large audience of video editors, we realized that the instinctive action for covering face-on-camera is to drag an asset to it and cover it (how simple, ha?). We decided to focus on that instinctive behavior and capture that dragging action to offer a new set of features.
  • Self Explained
    We love video, we are video professionals, we’re no experts of written words, especially long training material. Features we make should be obvious to the users, one step at a time, following the users’ stream of thoughts. Here, we’ve learned the order of actions users take to achieve different results and we’ve also used our good relationships with our partners and let them interact with our prototypes until perfectly tuned (thanks to all of you who agreed to help!)
  • Time Saver
    We understand that some of our users are familiar with other solutions and might have to spend extra time to learn a new way of doing something. That’s why the UX magic should not be only in the ease of onboarding, but also in the creative experience. In the Collage UX, for example, we link the overlaid asset to the base asset, to avoid re-aligning layers for every nudge. 

With that set of expectations, the solution was surely not easy to find, but luckily, Yirat Handler, our talented UX director, led the efforts through interviews, mocks, tests and analysis, towards a brilliant solution: Wochit Collage. Einav, our product designer, added her magic touch, and eventually, the R&D team who executed it all.

Our creativity has quickly found its way into the hearts of our clients, who are using this feature in ways we haven’t imagined, resulting in beautiful collage videos across various formats and use cases.

The most interesting fact is that one week following the release, Wochit Collage was used by more than 50% of our partners and it was included in 8.5% of all videos created on our platform. No better reassurance than this that we made it! and this is only the beginning…

As Simon Sinek said: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it, and what you do simply serves as a proof of what you believe.” We believe in challenging traditional solutions. By reevaluating and prioritizing the needs; by not compromising on any of our values, we managed to come up with a solution that makes supreme storyboarding more accessible and more efficient than ever before.

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