The Next Big Move for Brands: Bringing Video In-House

Video is the leading format for online content marketing. 54% of consumers identify video as the content they want to see from companies they support, and 52% of marketers believe video is effective for raising brand awareness. As demand keeps growing, so does the need for more content. What’s the key to keeping up with demand while keeping marketing efforts consistent? For a lot of brands, the answer is bringing video production in-house. Let’s take a closer look what is driving this shift.


Making video in-house means brands can exercise full creative control over their message and voice. Marketers and social teams are intimately familiar with the voice and identity of their brand, and know how to engage with their target audiences.

The days of back-and-forth with creative agencies to zero in on what you want are over. Brands that own their video creation can craft and share content that best reflects their values and identity.


Owning creation also means your time to market is faster. Brainstorming, producing, and publishing is just more timely when it happens internally. You’re poised to engage with your audience any time you want, seizing on the latest trends and topics of the day.

Lead times with video agencies average 3 weeks – a lifetime in this era of rapid consumption. Owning creation allows brands to rapidly pursue new ideas and video campaigns themselves. A hot topic or idea that strikes in the morning can lead to new content that afternoon!


As a result of the speed and control that comes with bringing creation in-house, the entire marketing process is simplified. This increased efficiency saves your creatives time and reduces costs for your business.

No more lengthy creative meetings with external agencies or pricey content packages for outside production. Your content marketing operation – and your entire business – will run more smoothly with video being made in-house.

Creative consistency

Brands that own their video production have full creative control, which means creative consistency across efforts. There’s no longer any need to compromise on creative visions or the look of your branding in video content.

For a lot of brands looking to step up their content marketing, bringing video under their own roof is one of the best solutions. Getting serious about video creation means you’ll be producing at a scale you never had before.

A lot of tools are out there for your business to use, services that can help you manage your content, monetize and track success, like Hootsuite, Airtable, and Hubspot (to name a few).

Now you know what is driving brands when moving video content production in-house. If you’re looking to increase your brand’s impact and better engage with your audience, you should be doing it too! Stay tuned next week to learn how to go about building your creative capabilities and the practical tools necessary to bring your video creation in-house.

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