We’re Only Human After All

The Art of Being Human at the Heart of Creating Awesome Videos

The beautiful things that happen when we put the art of being human at the heart of creating awesome videos.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised if we told you that we’ve got videos on our minds and in our hearts 24/7. We live and breathe videos . . . mobile journalism, social videos, video monetization, and so many other goodies that can be found in the wonderful video universe. Yes, we’re among the lucky ones who get to do what they love.

That’s why we’re also always on the lookout for the latest industry trends and technology developments. But, while trends and developments are super important, what we feel is even more important – is what all this video business is all about in the first place.

And, it’s not about the technology (dare we say it). No, what it’s all about is the human story that drives it, the human beings who create it, and the human beings who consume it.

So, as far as we’re concerned, at the heart of knowing how to create awesome videos (and an awesome video creation platform) is understanding what is at the heart of being human.

I Have Needs, Therefore I Am

What does it mean to be human? What makes us who we are? What drives us to make the decisions we make and take the actions we take?

Abraham Maslow, the man behind the famed “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,” got it when it comes to defining our drivers. In his paper published in 1943, entitled “A Theory of Human Motivation,” Maslow posits that there is a hierarchy of psychological needs in human beings.

And, only when one need is mastered, can we move on to the next and higher one. This is not to say that we can’t pursue multiple needs simultaneously. But, if the most basic (i.e. biological and physiological) of needs are not met, our choices and actions will be primarily driven by that need; and – we won’t be able to focus on ‘higher’ needs, such as self-esteem and self-actualization.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

We Got the Moves

There’s another theory to what moves us. According to this approach from Princeton psychologist Susan P. Fiske, there are five basic drivers to human decisions and actions.

Among these, there are three that powerfully (and unanimously) resonate with us here:

  • Understanding – figuring out how things work
  • Controlling – being able to make positive things happen
  • Self-enhancing – knowing the ways to feel good about ourselves

Whether you go with Maslow or prefer Fiske’s theory, the details and nuances of the different approaches to what drives us as human beings – isn’t necessarily the point.

The point is, how can we take what we know about what drives us as humans and make this the basis for making a video creation platform that will answer our most important needs as human beings.

Driving the Drivers

This is what we set out to understand. And so, we honed in on the need for understanding, controlling, and self-enhancing:

Understanding: we knew that we had to focus on how to help our users with an experience that was unequivocally intuitive. We were driven to make it so supremely easy to figure out “how (our) things work,” that our users would be primed to create as many videos as they want. That’s why we created modernized workflows, enabled unlimited content, and designed powerful integrations.

For example, with social videos almost exclusively being watched with no sound – we knew our users needed us to provide them with a fast and easy way to add text overlay to their videos. So that’s what we did, and you can check out some great examples of how our users made it happen here.

Controlling: we also prioritized endowing users with the ability to have full control over the creation process – giving them a huge range of options when it comes to storyboards, colors, fonts, creatives, and of course – the ability to fully brand every frame.

For example,  users can control how well-branded a video is by adding a branded watermark to transitions and adding a logo bug to any frame, including animated openers and end cards.

Self-enhancing: this, clearly, was the ultimate goal – providing users with an experience that would inspire pride and “personal fulfillment” to the point where not only would the “self-enhancing” need be met, but even Maslow’s ultimate need for “self-actualization” would be met.

For example, we wanted to give our users the ability to take videos to an even higher level of sophistication – so they can self-actualize. We introduced a super, and other advanced means for creating sophisticated videos they can be proud of. And proud they are. So proud, in fact, that within one week of this capability being released, more than 50% or our partners were already using it and it was appearing in almost 10% of all videos created on our platform.

The most interesting fact is that one week following the release, Wochit Collage was used by more than 50% of our partners and it was included in 8.5% of all videos created on our platform.

The Human League

It’s not only creating beautiful videos that are an art form. There is also an art to understanding what drives us as human beings.

Whether we’re seeking out understanding, control, or self-enhancing/self-actualization, isn’t it great to have great people and tools by our side to make it happen?

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