The 7 Secrets of Highly Effective Vloggers

People start vlogging — video bloging — for a variety of reasons.

Some people want to express an opinion about an issue they care about; others hope to make money as a YouTube partner; others simply want to use video to more deeply engage their social media or web audiences.

Whatever your motivation is for vlogging, here are a few simple, proven tips to help you vlog more effectively.

We call these: The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Vloggers.

#1 Do the Research
Before you start vlogging, check out YouTube and watch some of the best vloggers.  Check out how they frame their shots and pace their videos.  See who the best vloggers are for topics that you might cover for your own vlog. Learn from them.  (Examples: Here are some top Lifestyle Vloggers and Comedy Vloggers on YouTube).

#2 Choose Your Niche

Authenticity is important — anyone can spot a phony.  So select a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about.  Let your passion show — people love emotion, and relate to it.  Some common niches include comedy, sports, music, politics,
cooking, beauty… but there’s really no limit here.  Find something you know and care about — and go for it!

#3 Buy a Tripod

No one likes shaky camera work.  A tripod is an essential investment for a serious vlogger, to keep your videos looking steady and professional.  Walmart and Amazon sell tripods for under $25.  Obviously, having great equipment — like a high-quality camera, top microphones, green screens, etc. — doesn’t hurt.  But even if you are vlogging using an iPhone or Galaxy, you should always make sure to clean your camera lens, and use good lighting. It’s amazing how many times people forget that!

#4 Make Time for Video SEO

If you are going to take the time to create a vlog on a topic, take a few minutes and visit the Google Keyword Planner.  It’s a fantastic way to do free research on the keywords and phrases people use most often to find content about your chosen blog topic. Use these popular keywords and phrases (whenever appropriate) in your video’s title.  Tag your video with other popular keywords and phrases related to your vlog topic.  This can help your video get found two or three times as often via search engines.

#5 Upload to YouTube

All video sites are not created equally. YouTube dominates video traffic; it’s larger than Vimeo and Daily Motion combined.  If you have time to load your video to multiple video sites, do so; if you don’t, make sure to post to YouTube first.  Google owns YouTube; if your video ranks first on YouTube for a keyword and phrase, chances are good it will rank first on Google searches for that keyword and phrase as well.

#6 Be Social

Post your vlog to your social media hubs — on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.  When relevant, vlog about a topic that’s trending on these platforms. Here’s why: These topics already have interested, aggregated, built-in audiences that might enjoy your content.  Comment on other vlogs related to your subject matter; take time to use social media to find and to connect with people who like what you like.

#7 Have Thick Skin

If you want to be on stage, you have to expect a few boos.  Treat comments on your vlog only as data — not as “live or die” feedback.  Thank your admirers; use constructive criticism to improve; ignore the hate you may receive from Internet trolls.  As a certain pop star sang recently, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate… shake it off.”

Learn to optimize your YouTube channel here.

The publisher's guide to social video:


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