State and Future of Social Video 2017

Video is not just an imperative, it is the future, and the time to invest is now. Our new report on the State & Future of Social Video draws from a recent, industry-wide survey and findings from throughout the year. Companies of every size, from all around the globe are joining the pivot-to-video movement to achieve their objectives across social platforms and owned-and-operated (O&O) sites. 2017 was big for video and 2018 is poised to be even bigger.

Building on year-long research, our new report provides input and insights from nearly 350 industry representatives on topics including:

  • Most plan to increase investment in video
  • More companies are ready to try new formats like live streaming
  • Audience growth is the primary goal, with monetization viewed as a positive byproduct
  • Facebook is overwhelmingly the most popular distribution channel
  • Time, personnel and financial issues are the top challenges

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Respondents to the survey included representation from a broad array of industry stakeholders, with the majority coming from media or publishing companies. Also participating were individuals from brands and agencies as well as content creators who are self-employed or work at nonprofit organizations, a segment increasingly adding video to their strategies.

On the role of video in their strategies, respondents said:

  • “It is part of the growing business.” ~Magdalena Cabral, CNN
  • “With the trends in social media, current statistics show that the future is video. We have to adapt or be left behind.” ~Kayleigh Lawson, Ark City Daily Bytes
  • “It has become a crucial part in sharing content for brands.”~Maria Paz Cornejo, Agencia Retina (Ecuador)
  • “It’s an obviously growing space. More clients want video and more people are consuming video. It would be stupid not to be investing in video.”~Christian Hull,  Southern Cross Austereo (Australia)
  • “We’ve seen our growth rate take a dip the fewer videos we publish. At the same time, if we create more video, we can monetize that effort with our paid campaigns with sponsor.” ~Joanie Faletto,

“This survey drives home that, as popular and pervasive it is, social video is still on an upward growth trajectory.  Media and publishing companies have already implemented programs en masse, and now brands and agencies are turning to social video for its effectiveness,” Said Dror Ginzberg, Co-founder and CEO of Wochit. “With video’s ability to attract, engage and create connections with audiences, especially within crowded social feeds, I believe 2018 will be a banner year, with wider adoption across organizations and greater production by those already experiencing its benefits.

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