Social Video for Dummies

Social Video for Dummies

Publishers, media companies, and brands of all sizes and industries are pursuing aggressive social video strategies. But success isn’t as easy as just throwing every video at the wall to see what sticks. With a few key pieces of advice in hand, you and your creative team can take your efforts to the next level. Whether a seasoned veteran looking for a refresher or a newly tasked creator trying to get a feel for the field, we have some key tips for you!

Keep it short

Attention spans are brief, so your videos should be too! Our recent research into viral videos (with over 1 million views on Facebook) revealed that the majority of these most successful videos are between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length. Aim for that sweet spot!

Tap into emotions

A key aim of every social video strategy is audience building. There’s no better way to reach new eyes than through getting your viewers to engage – through likes, comments, and shares. Engagement of any kind makes your content show up in more feed. And there’s no better way to prompt engagement than by tapping into the emotions of viewers.

An emotional response makes viewers want to interact, leaving comments with their thoughts. It also makes them likelier to share your videos with their networks directly. Overall emotional responses lead to the highest engagement, but emotional resonance of any kind will help bump up your numbers.

Use moving assets

Movement catches the eye and holds attention – key features for a video to stand out in cluttered feeds. So use moving assets to build your video, as possible.

Sometimes you may need or want to use still images, and that’s totally ok. Just use moving where possible and always try to start your videos with moving assets to grab viewers right away.

Focus on timely content

Social media is quickly becoming the go-to place for news. Focusing on what’s happening now – from politics to entertainment events and breaking news – can be an easy win for reaching new viewers.

Working quickly to get your coverage out as soon as possible also helps, as your video will be one of the first consumers see on the subject.

Engage your audience

As the name suggests, social video is all about connecting with people. You want your viewers to engage with your content, but you should also be engaging with your viewers.

Respond to the comments on your videos. Pose questions and prompts in your share copy to encourage commenting. Interacting with your followers helps build loyalty and ongoing interest in your content.

Social video isn’t a fine science, but there are still best practices to follow. If you’re just getting started or feel that your content could use some freshening up, keep these tips in mind. They’ll help move you down the path of success.

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