SchoolTube partners with Wochit to ensure learning continuity from home

With governments worldwide mandating social distancing and lockdowns in hopes of reigning in the spread of COVID-19, it has been estimated that over a billion students around the world are now unable to attend school or university in-person.

Educators, students, and their families are grappling with how to ensure learning continuity from home. The answer widely has been through digital tools.

In response to the demand for video-based teaching and learning, Wochit has partnered with SchoolTube to embed its video creation tool into SchoolTube’s platform, made possible by the video-hosting software Kaltura. Wochit and SchoolTube are opening the platform up for educators and students for free for 30 days, effective today. 

To empower educators and administrators to secure and nurture student engagement, even when they’re at home, Wochit has partnered with Kaltura, maker of an online platform for video management, transcoding, publishing, and more, to embed its tools on SchoolTube. 

With Wochit Studio, anyone, whether administrator, student, or teacher, can create quality videos that are deeply engaging and bridge the distance between students and their educators.

“We have this situation in which an entire population is facing the immediate need for digital video tools. Wochit’s solution is flexible and easy-to-learn, built on the premise that everyone can become a video creator, for any use-case.” Said Jason Harris, Director, Video Strategy Group.”Together with SchoolTube, Wochit predicts that educators, administrators, and their students will discover video to be an expressive and dynamic channel for teaching and learning, quickly adopted without prolonged training or prior experience.”

The platform offers a straightforward UX that simplifies editing, smart editing features with many options for customizations, an extensive pre-licensed library of 200 million images and videos, and myriad built-in templates for syllabi, lesson plans, quizzes and more.

And, together with the Kaltura video platform, they can easily connect to any learning management system (LMS) and the campus or school’s video portal.

While teaching in a traditional classroom format is obsolete for the foreseeable future, there are long-term solutions. More and more educators are seeing the benefits of keeping digital learning an option for the long-haul. Wochit and SchoolTube’s partnership provides both an immediate solution for the new digital learning format, while also enriching educators, administrators, and students with digital literacy skills that will stay with them for years to come.


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