Publishers on Instagram: Not What You Thought

2019 is proving to be a massive growth year for Instagram. The platform now has 1 billion monthly users (up from 800 million in January 2017) and half a billion daily users. That’s a whole lot of potential viewers – and dedicated audience members – for publishers. Let’s take a look at how some publishers are finding video success on the platform, and what you can learn from their approaches.

Keep the news short and simple

When covering news, from a breaking story to an ongoing story, short and simple is your best bet on Instagram. Combine these classic tenets of social video with some truly outstanding footage and your video is optimized for the platform.

Celebrity focus helps Entertainment coverage

Successful entertainment-centric publishers on Instagram have found some styles and subjects to stick to for success. Naturally, a celebrity focus is always a big lift, whether this takes the form of a particular story or a super short interview clip. Lots of entertainment publishers also utilize meme-style videos (which can now be created in Wochit), which are ever-more popular on Instagram.

Lifestyle and other content benefits from standing out

Instagram, as a platform, trends towards lifestyle and entertaining content. Whether it’s the main focus of a publisher or just the subject of a particular piece, there’s no shortage of those video types. The trick to standing out from your peers is to experiment, making your videos unique and memorable. Keeping them super short and humorous is also a big boost.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories now have over 400 million daily users, trumping Snapchat’s 191 million daily users. But the Stories feature isn’t just for solo users – a lot of publishers are putting it to great use.

From offering more background and context to your main content, offering behind the scenes looks, and much more, Instagram Stories is a great way for publishers to direct new content at their audiences in a more intimate way. For some more great tips and insight on how publishers can utilize Stories, head over to Newswhip.

Instagram’s continuing (and accelerating) growth makes it a platform to not be ignored by publishers. Hundreds of millions of people are using Instagram every day, watching and engaging with videos. Making yours stand out to those viewers will help grow your audience and expand the social presence of your organization.

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