Publishers Look to Monetize Social Video Through Increased Production

Our recent, industry-wide survey about video monetization revealed that 75% of social video publishers are optimistic about the revenue-generating potential of their content. The responses from representatives of publishers, brands, agencies and other content creators demonstrate the increasing importance of social video as a revenue stream, while also offering insights on the tactics and strategies companies plan to leverage in the future.

“People are consuming more and more videos, so video monetization is the way to go,” said the head of social media at one international social news network.

The findings of the survey include:

Insight into revenue sources:

  • 75% of publishers feel optimistic about social video monetization in 2017
  • The most popular revenue sources for publishers are YouTube (68%), Facebook (56%) and owned and operated websites (52% percent)
  • Publishers were more than twice as likely to employ pre-roll ads on owned and operated websites (68%t vs 34%t),
  • Sponsored videos were used nearly equally across the board (49%)

A look at future plans:

  • Publishers overwhelmingly plan to increase the number of videos they produce (76%)
  • Other revenue growth options under consideration are: expanding distribution networks (61%), creating sponsored videos (57%) and partnering with content sponsors (51%)
  • Increasing the number of ads per video is the least popular option, considered by only 16% of respondents
  • Two-thirds of all participants plan to experiment with Facebook’s mid-roll option this year

Kyle Ivins, co-founder of ad network Monumetric, which is a beta tester for Facebook’s video pre-bid said, “There is a ton of demand, but advertisers are just starting to catch on to the right tech. Once those two align, it will be awesome.”

On the other hand, some publishers remain skeptical about Facebook monetization promise. Said Matt Gnaizda, Vice President at New Tang Dynasty Television, “It’s hard to trust Facebook’s promises of monetization. They always change the rules.”

Perceived barriers to monetization success:

  • Declining consumer attention spans topped the list, with 68% of all respondents identifying it as among the top three worries
  • Ad blockers and dependency on social network policies were the next most prevalent concerns, each indicated by 50% of participants.

“Insights like these give us an important view into the realities faced by content producers today. Based on these results, it’s clear that having the ability to create video at scale is imperative to our customers’ bottom lines,” said our co-founder and CEO Dror Ginzberg. “Along with the additional data we’re collecting on issues like factors that contribute to virality, we can ensure we’re helping companies to get the most from their social video strategies, whether that be engagement, brand lift or monetization.”

Learn all the ins and outs of monetizing online video and take a deeper look at the results of our survey in The Publisher’s to Video Monetization.

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