How Publishers are Covering the iPhone X with Social Video

How Publishers are Covering the iPhone X with Social Video

When the new iPhone X was announced last week, the world was watching. Publishers from news to tech to lifestyle were on-hand or tuned in, so they could be ready to relay the details to their eager audiences. Naturally, a ton of social video content was created following the event. But while the same story was being told many times over, each publisher and creator told that story in their own unique ways.

Let’s check out some examples of Wochit-made videos covering the new iPhone and see the myriad ways a story can be covered:

CBS News

The creators here got out in front of the story, building up anticipation and interest ahead of the official launch event. When you know big news is coming, establishing a voice in the conversation helps maximize your presence as details unfold.


Stern runs through the most important innovations of the new iPhone in 100 seconds. That title and promise plays to user interest in knowing what they’re getting – in this case, a sharp, fast-paced look at Apple’s new flagship.

Reader’s Digest

Similar to CBS, the crew at Reader’s Digest saw the value of getting in on the story before the official launch. But instead of looking ahead at what the iPhone X might feature, they offered up a great retrospective on the history of the iPhone.


The price of the iPhone X has been much discussed, and CNBC leverages that conversation with this well-crafted piece. With all the coverage of iPhone, finding a unique angle makes this clip stand out from the crowd.

E! News

This playful video is perfectly tailored for E!’s social audience. Humor is used throughout alongside imagery of celebrity icons and their phones. And the listicle format is always a winner on social.


En genomgång av iPhone-nyheterna Apple släppte under tisdagen. Vad tycker du om den nya supermodellen?

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This straightforward Instagram video runs through all the major features of the phone in less than a minute. The quick pace and nice video footage makes the clip a standout in Instagram’s infinite scroll.

On top of all the social coverage, countless outlets have stories about the next iPhone on their own sites, like Chip, The Chicago Tribune, and HelloGiggles.

When a big story comes out, everyone wants to and will cover it. But there are always a wide variety of angles and approaches to take, even about the same event. Finding a more unique approach can help videos and coverage stand out amongst the deluge. Hopefully you find some inspiration in these great videos!



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