Publishers are Bringing Social Content Into More Videos

Publishers are Bringing Social Content Into More Videos

In analyzing the data from videos created with Wochit, it’s clear that publishers and media companies are eager to integrate social content into their coverage. In fact, 30% of all videos made with Wochit in March used content from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Social is no longer just a mechanism through which stories are shared – social has truly become a part of many stories.

Social platforms function to set the news agenda, provide commentary upon it, and, in some circumstances, offer minute-by-minute updates by users who are on the scene when events unfold. Publishers are eager to enrich their social videos with this timely and relevant content.

Since the beginning of the year, the number of videos created incorporating Twitter posts has increased 125 percent, Facebook posts 128 percent and Instagram 256 percent. The increasing importance of social platforms in today’s media landscape is no longer something to be ignored.

Wochit offers real-time availability of these social posts, which are automatically brought into the our library via API. This ease of access significantly augments the ability of outlets to engage audiences with up-to-the-minute videos on trending topics and breaking news.

Publishers are Bringing Social Content Into More Videos


The accessible assets include all content from Instagram, tweets with text and/or images and public content shared through Facebook. To date, the most frequently utilized social posts are news-related tweets, with the Associated Press’ tweet declaring Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election leading as most frequently featured in Wochit videos.

“We’re now in an era when a single tweet might be the biggest news story of the week, so media companies need a means to report on that tweet that is as quick and decisive as the medium itself,” says Dror Ginzberg, CEO of Wochit. “The ability to quickly access and use social content in social video supports publishers growing needs for speed and authenticity as they strive to deliver the most entertaining, relevant and often even important stories of the day to their audiences.”

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