Newscom, I Am On Location, 3D Replays and ANI are joining Wochit’s Content Library

We’re thrilled to announce the integration of several new content partners into Wochit’s asset library. Each of the new content partners brings a unique collection of editorial content from the US, Europe, and Asia. Through these new partnerships, the content available to Wochit users grows even more robust, further empowering creators and publishers to quickly craft the content they want with the assets they need.


Newscom is a multi-source photo agency that specializes in editorial content. Newscom’s comprehensive collections have everything from big, broad coverage of the most important global events down to hard-to-find, localized content from every corner of the world.

Newscom maintains its quality collection by sourcing content from some of the best agencies in the world, including Zuma, DPA, Tribune Content Agency, UPI, Sipa, and many more. Through this partnership, around 10,000 new images per day will be available to Wochit users via Newscom.

I Am On Location

I Am On Location directs a vast army of trained videographers in local US markets to capture and upload news videos from the field, syndicating this content into newsrooms in real-time.

The company also provides access to digital platform partners who ingest real-time news videos from the field for immediate use by their customers. I Am On Location is tech-centric and quality-dedicated in regard to its HD video content.

3D Replays

Football is the #1 sport in much of the world, but clearing video rights can be costly. 3D Replays provide an original cleared way to cover World Cup, Euro championship, Copa America, Champions League and the main European championships.

Using innovative technology, the company creates virtual replays (3D reconstruction) of actual events happened in real football matches. Virtual replays reconstruct goals and other events from several viewpoints and enrich them with ball track, names of players, and data like speed and distance of the shot. The 3D virtual replay is delivered as fast as 2 hours after a goal is scored.


From breaking regional news to entertainment, lifestyles, health, culture, and more, ANI’s content allows viewers to experience the rich traditions not normally seen by many. ANI is South Asia’s largest and most diversified TV and Multimedia News Agency, with over 150 bureaus across the region. They produce content for all platforms, including TV, websites, mobiles and social media across genres.

Whether its news, entertainment, politics, sports, historical, or anything else you can imagine—you will be sure to find the best and most intriguing content right in your Wochit media library. We look forward to all the amazing videos our clients create with the new partners’ robust assets!

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