Mix up your social video routine with meme-style videos

How can you drive massive social engagement in only a few seconds? The answer is in the memes. “Meme” style videos have taken over Facebook and Instagram in recent months. They are funny, heartwarming, and can be executed with only a few seconds of content! Let’s take a look at some Wochit-made examples and how they work:

Revista Tu Mexico: When Someone Tries to Steal Your Food

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

With a meme-style video, the content is the star of the show. One or two lines of text frame the top and/or bottom of the video, adding context and personality to the clip.These short lines create the comedic frame for viewing the footage (literally as well as figuratively). Keep in mind that square videos look best in meme format.

There are several ways to turn content you already have into a meme. Use a viral .GIF (either looped or only run once) for maximum shareability. With Wochit you can cut and edit longer video clips together, as well.

Marie Claire Mexico: When They Won’t Let Me Eat In Peace

The description and share-text is a great place to add some additional snarky commentary, as Marie Claire does above with the quip “Why do you have to talk to me???!!”

A traditional 30-to-60-second social video can also be transformed into a meme format. You can leave the text on the video or just have the meme text framing the piece. The content can be heartwarming, controversial, humorous, or otherwise emotionally evocative. The meme text that frames the piece lets the reader know what they’re getting into.

Reader’s Digest: How is Your Week Going?

Don’t be afraid to use the meme-style for more serious, alternate verticals of content, like hard news, entertainment and politics. If you have an amazing video clip that speaks for itself, top-and-bottom text that sets the scene is a great way to let the raw content shine.

Marie Claire Mexico: This Baby Won’t Stop Staring at His Mom

Even with short-form content that might be only a few seconds, be sure to call the viewer to action to increase engagement with text like “Tag someone who always steals your food!”

Whether you’re sticking to the humor most often associated with memes or using the meme-style to share more serious footage, it’s an excellent format for social. Meme-style videos simply standout in feeds due to their large text framing the video. And the super-short lengths make them hyper-shareable and watchable. All-around, they’re a fun and effective way to experiment with your social video offerings.


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