Longer Video Format Boosts Japan Times Views on Social Media

The Japan Times Embraces Social Media Videos

Founded in the late 19th century, the Japan Times is one of the oldest and largest English-language newspapers, with the goal of enabling its Japanese audience to read and discuss news and current events in English and enhance Japan’s visibility in the international community.

With more than 300K followers on Twitter and 750K on Facebook, the Japan Times has proven a powerhouse on social media, and their social video strategy is especially impressive. Japan Times has taken social videos to the next level by creating longer videos that offer real depth on a topic while remaining visually engaging and fun to watch.

Why do we like it so much? It shows off a simple, creative way to make mini-documentaries even more engaging for social viewers.

Check out one of the most interesting pieces below:

With more than 7K views, this video shows how the Reborn-Art Festival and its outdoor installations hope to heal the Tohoku community since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that killed over 5,000 people in Ishinomaki.

Another great example to attract a tech-savvy audience is the one below:

Throughout both videos, there is a masterful balance of brand style and brand voice. The interesting storytelling captures the audience’s attention, and the visuals ensure they remember who brought them that video. Along with the traditional logo bug in the upper right-hand corner,  the graphics are custom made to match their brand identity. This serves as a constant reminder of the video’s source and assures that even viewers who may not watch all the way through are clued into the publisher of the piece

We look forward to more great videos from the Japan Times creative team!

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