How to Invest in Video Without the Sticker Shock

Wochit CEO, Dror Ginzberg explains why now is the time to invest in video in a special guest article for Adotas.

invest in video

So… Why does it make sense to invest in video NOW?

Video is a highly effective advertising medium. A powerful series of images and compelling commentary can suck a viewer in and induce sidesplitting laughs or a relentless stream of tears in seconds. But the nature of quick-hitting digital media drives the need for equally quick-hitting video marketing and advertising content that doesn’t sacrifice ROI.

Affordable video can get your message across with less time and money — and with more expertise — than ever. Whether it’s ELLE Magazine’s adorable digitally-aided teacup pigs video or last year’s crowdsourced ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze, with a quicker pace to market, these videos cut right through traditional ROI to help digital campaigns achieve a new level of profitability.

Read the full article in Adotas.

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