Introducing Newsflare – Wochit’s New Content Partner

We’re excited to introduce Newsflare as our latest content partner! This deal provides our customers access to Newsflare’s viral and breaking news video assets shot by amateur and professional eyewitnesses worldwide. This partnership is in line with Wochit’s continuous efforts to expand a growing library of 100M+ assets, while also increasing the relevancy of the assets for our customers.

As part of the deal, Newsflare expects to add 1,000 fresh videos to the Wochit library each month.

“As more media companies and other brands incorporate video in their audience engagement strategies, it’s imperative our library incorporate a depth and breadth of materials. Newsflare is an ideal partner to help us achieve this goal, and ensure our customers have the content they need when they need it,” commented Jo Schmaltz, VP Global Content Partnerships, Wochit.

About Newsflare

Headquartered in London with offices in Spain and the US, Newsflare ranks as the news industry’s pioneering leader in the collection and distribution of eyewitness videos shot and uploaded by amateurs and professionals worldwide. Newsflare’s prestigious print, broadcast, and digital media clients span over 40 countries licensing the company’s wide array of original clips that encompass an entire spectrum of news, lifestyle, entertainment and viral categories. Under the banner Where the World’s Media Come to Buy Your Video, Newsflare videos deliver stories from all walks of life that are oftentimes too breaking or too remote for traditional news organizations to capture.

Welcome to the Wochit family, Newsflare!

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