Il Sole 24 Ore Unleashes Their Video Creativity With Wochit Collage

Wochit Weekly- Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy’s financial newspaper of record and a leader in financial news online, focuses on business, politics and commercial and industrial law. It also publishes stock market data and expert opinions on international financial markets. The stories that they share in their social media channels cover a wide range of topics, from lifestyle to tourism to automotive and more.

To increase their audience engagement during the summer, Il Sole 24 Ore took advantage of Italy’s incredible wealth of top-notch tourism destinations to launch the “#Summergame24“. A visually-rich competition between beautiful seaside towns and mountain resorts. The series would be released in 9 different episodes where their reporters would cover 18 destinations, many of which are celebrated on an international scale.

To announce the release of #Summergame 24, they used one of Wochit’s most innovative functionalities, Wochit Collage, allowing them to create videos with more sophisticated layouts for intricate visual stories, used to compare the most breathtaking sea and mountain destinations Italy can offer. Check out their video below:

The production of this piece is excellent. The fast-paced rhythm of assets and perfectly matched music create real excitement around the launch of the competition. This promo video is both informative and engaging by highlighting the different ways the destinations will be ranked, and expertly utilising the Collage functionalities to show stunning video assets side-by-side. The result is a thumb-stopping video showcasing Italy’s natural beauty and building momentum for the #Summergame24. 

We are looking forward to more amazing videos from the creators at Il Sole 24 Ore!

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