How to Triple Your Instagram Following in 3 Simple Steps

You can drive traffic to your sites and apps while also tripling your Instagram following by using Instagram Stories to create a next-gen newsletter. By following these three simple steps, you can reach your audience multiple times a day and ensure they see your content every time they log into Instagram.

“Since launching this strategy three months ago, we’ve grown our Instagram following by 3X,” said Andrea Girolami at Gruppo Mediaset, publisher of one of Italy’s largest news websites.

What Are Instagram Stories?

In March 2017, Instagram released the new Stories posting option, offering brands and users a new way to reach more people. Stories are full-screen, immersive updates that disappear after 24 hours and allow your brand to target your audience in personally relevant ways. They worked so well that by September 2018, 30% of businesses planned to create Instagram stories, up from just 8% in 2017.

The key to the success of Instagram Stories is how they pop up in the news feed of followers and can utilize a call-to-action at the bottom for those interested in learning more. They’re a great way to form deeper connections with your followers, show off your brand’s personality, and build your online presence in a variety of ways. In fact, according to one 2017 report, “One in five Stories on Instagram gets a direct message from its viewers.”

Stories can also help your brand by:

  • Being a collection of visual headlines, working as a traditional newsletter.
  • Being updated throughout the day for the latest news, keeping your brand at the top of the Instagram Stories carrousel.
  • Driving traffic to your site and apps.

3 Simple Steps to Create Powerful Instagram Stories

So, how do you create this next-gen newsletter that triples your Instagram following while driving traffic to your website and apps? It’s as simple as three steps.

Step 1: Choose 2 Photos or Videos to Illustrate Your Subject

Instagram is all about great visuals and Stories are no exception. Choose a couple striking photos or videos to provide the backdrop for your story, which will be told using text overlays on top. You then tap to flip click between the images/videos or allow the story to play on its own.

Video platforms that offer fully licensed and instantly available premium content from professional sources—including millions of photos, videos, and music tracks—make choosing the right type of content easy. In this way, you don’t have to film two videos or find the right pictures and music for your story. All you have to do is pull from professional content that is already vetted for success.

A video platform such as Wochit also offers the option of mobile upload and social media integration. This means that you can amplify the content you already have while taking advantage of quick and easy access to everything you need for your next-gen newsletter.

Step 2: Spread Key Info Across the 2 (or More) Assets

The idea here is to create a visual headline for your story, and you don’t want to overload viewers with too much information and text on the first asset. So, spread the title or most exciting and intriguing detail across two assets to let the story breath and get your viewer interested to find out more. And don’t forget to use the same motion and transitions that are popular qualities in great marketing videos for your Instagram Stories.

With a nice rhythm to your assets and storytelling, you’re ready to give viewers a way to discover more details about the Story with a Call to Action.

Step 3: Include a Swipe Animation and CTA

The final step is the most critical part of your social video strategy, the inclusion of a call-to-action. This is your chance to use the power of suggestion to encourage your audience to take a specific action and do more with your Story.

Your CTA should be exciting or unique in order to turn passive viewers into active brand participants. It’s also imperative that you use verbs that tell the viewer exactly what to do. The goal is to encourage them to take action with CTAs such as “swipe up,” “share now,” or “find out more.”

Get Started

And, remember; you can update this next-gen newsletter as often as you want throughout the day. The more you keep it updated, the longer you’ll stay at the top of the Instagram stories carousel, and the more likely you’ll gain new followers!

Check out the full Social Video Handbook we put together with Mediaset on our Showroom page.

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