How to Get Video Creative Flexibility

How to Get Video Creative Flexibility

We all want the chores of life to be faster and easier. It’s why we look for shortcuts in our commute, and it’s also why many brands have turned to robots/algorithms for video production. Our mindset is “the faster and easier the better,” but while at the outset that sounds good, in reality, it leaves a lot to be desired.

A video production process based on an algorithm allows you to get fast results, however, it also creates a very narrow path you must walk, which stifles innovation. Ultimately, it can cripple your creative team and leave you with a monotonous, tired-looking product that few people could find value in watching. 

So, while an automated video platform can be a cost-effective tool for improving your productivity, the bottom line is that when it comes to creating something incredible, they are still lacking. 

The Problem with Video Automation Platforms

A robot can watch millions of hours of video, analyze trends, and then provide you with its best approximation of what you should produce, but it still can’t replace instinct. The truth is that around 60% of content created by brands is basically considered to be clutter, which means that it offers little relevance or meaning to viewers. This is exactly what you don’t want.

AI can limit you to specific formats, templates, and text that don’t allow your team to think outside the box.  This means that, over time, your videos will quickly begin to feel stale, overdone, and out-of-date. Being in complete control of the videos your brand creates, is key to sending the right message to the right audience.  Video platforms should enable editors to be in charge of their ideas, from the graphics to the exact media they want and need to tell their story.

It’s why you can’t rely solely on a video automation platform. No robot/algorithm, no matter how advanced, can replace the creativity and inspiration to be found in your team.

That’s why the best option is to rely on a combination of automation and video strategists.

The Best of Both Worlds: Sophistication & Human Ingenuity Combined 

There’s no doubt that AI has the potential to transform video creation. It can help drive more intelligent production, delivery, and engagement. Combined with the innovation and customer knowledge that your creative team already has, it can create a better video experience for brands and consumers alike.

To effectively market to your consumers, you have to understand them personally, and that’s something an algorithm can never do as well as a human. It is extremely important to find a platform that gives you the freedom to understand the goals that are driving your customers’ behavior, and then to use that knowledge to shape your content.

More Creative Possibilities to Choose From

We understand this never-ending struggle between automation and creativity, which is why choosing a platform that allows you to focus on the creative process by offering thousands of pieces of creative content is critical for you to success.

To achieve better results, make sure that the video platform you work with, enables you to create unique videos: from short video clips to social media posts, storyboards, music, and images. There should be a significant number of media assets that you can use at any time within their library, which means you’ll never run out of creative content to use. 

Use Your Own Fonts and Graphics

Look for a platform that doesn’t put your video production into a narrow-minded box, but gives you an outlet where your video creativity can be expressed in more ways than ever before and break free from what you thought was possible.

Search for the ability upload as many videos and images as you wish into your own gallery to use, during video creation and editing stages, even upload your own branded font to ensure that your final video is 100% unique to your brand.

Video Strategy Consulting

Last, but certainly not least, look for more than just another AI platform that offers cookie-cutter videos. A team of experienced video strategists to consult on every aspect of successful video operation can make the difference.

Rely on a video strategists team that has years of experience in video creation and can help you get the most of the platform, but also can help streamline your workflow, and produce videos that follow the latest trends. Keep in mind that It’s the human element that makes your content relatable and unique.  


An automated video creation platform can be so inflexible that it inhibits your creativity. Instead, look for a combination of video automation software and human storytelling to create videos your consumers will want to watch and be proud to share. 

The right blend of sophisticated video editing platform, intuitive design, and video experts, can help you elevate the quality of your videos and take them to the next level. We know that stories are best told by people, not machines, so make sure you always have the flexibility you need to be as creative as possible in every video.

A platform like Wochit offers an incredible range of video editing functionalities without removing the human element. Instead, we focus on making creative storytelling easier, not automatic and monotonous. It’s a platform that inspires a dynamic creative workflow, so you can produce the videos your customers want to see.

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