How My Resentment for Automation Dictates the Product I Design

The industrial revolution had started almost 300 years ago. Today, you can’t make a single move without facing the consequences of that historical revolution. 

Imagine a farmer in his village sometime around 1760, working hard harvesting his crops, getting introduced to machinery for the first time, thinking how wonderful it would be to rest for a change… Now did he end up resting?

Fast forward 300 years – Did we end up resting? 

Numbers show we did not.

People don’t work any less. In fact, as a humanity, we work more: electricity allows us to work after dark, equality brought more women to work, the number of labor hours per capita grew significantly in the past two centuries.

That fascinated me to obsession: WHY CAN’T WE REST?

Machinery freed out our bodies and covers today about 80% of the work a human being had to do centuries ago, what are we doing with all that extra time? 

The answer is simple: instead of using our bodies, we use our brains. We learn, we research, we have ideas, we have opinions. 

We let machines execute our well-planned ideas, which lets us focus on the ideation and not on the execution, which eventually leads to ideation-on-steroids. If you ever wondered why things change so rapidly nowadays…

Seems like we were not made to rest (rest is only enjoyable when in-between rests you have a purpose to follow, isn’t it?). But what if we could automate the ideation itself? Could a machine be creative? 

That’s a fine line that I really don’t want to cross. “Automation” to me is the bad monster that’s coming to take away our creativity. Under the disguise of “making our lives easier,” it takes over our purpose and things that we actually enjoy doing.

By all means, I’m not against the development of new products, I just want new technologies to think person-first.

Please, oh please, don’t think “how can I save time for my users”. 

Think: “how can I let my users utilize their time in the most enjoyable way for them”?

Think: “how can I push the creativity of my users to the edge”?

Think: “how can I make my users proud of their creations?”

As Wochit’s VP Product & CSM, I constantly ask myself the same questions when ideating new functionalities for our users. We are in constant search for innovation because we understand that their stories need to be enhanced with richer visual layouts without losing their brand identity.

We aim to offer an incredible range of video editing capabilities without removing the human touch. Great storytelling is what actually makes brands shine. This is why the best stories are being told by people, not machines. 

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