How Brands Can Build a Successful Video Strategy

How Brands Can Use Video in their Marketing to Raise Awareness and Increase Sales

You’ve probably heard that videos are one of the most popular and consumable forms of content out there these days (and if you hadn’t heard that before, now you have!) But have you ever wondered why a successful video strategy can actually have an impact on your business? 

According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many reasons to include video in your marketing strategy.

5 Reasons Why You Need Video in Your Marketing

Increase your Website Traffic

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Your website will not exist without this type of content. By adding it to your website you can:

  • Attract 300% more traffic.
  • Increase organic search traffic to your website by 157%.
  • Improve your likelihood of reaching the front page of Google by 53%.
  • Boost your conversion rate by up to 80% on a landing page.

Improve your ROI

Nowadays, marketers need to show a good ROI to the board so why is video a good investment? Marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year, according to Optinmonster. In addition, videos increase brand awareness by 54%, which has led 93% of marketers to say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to video.

Mobile Users and Google Love Video

Up to 70% of all web traffic now happens on mobile devices. It’s where your consumers live, and if you want to reach them where they’re at, it takes video content. More than half of all YouTube content is consumed on mobile devices. And, according to Wyzowl, 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.

It’s not just consumers who love video either. Google also does. A video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than a traditional web page. And videos attract three times more inbound links for blog posts.

High Engagement

There’s no doubt that videos are engaging. More so than text or images alone, they grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested. When it comes to your website, the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has videos. 

And while watching, they actually remember it. 95% of viewers are more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to 10% when reading text. Since they remember the call to action, they’re more likely to engage with your brand.

Viral Potential

Videos have a far greater chance of going viral than any other type of content. The right one shared at the right time could reach millions compared to the thousands you’re used to. All you need is to have it shared by the right influencers, and there’s no limit to how far your content could reach.

7 Ways to Use Video

There are countless ways to get the most out of your video marketing, and almost no well-produced video is a bad idea. And by bringing video creation in-house with an easy-to-use platform, it’s easier than ever to create hundreds of different types. However, there are a few that stand out amongst the crowd.

Before you can get to properly producing a video, you need a story! The question of what story to tell can be a challenge to answer, but there are some go-to sources for story ideas to keep the creativity flowing. Here are 7 ways your brand can benefit from video:

Show Your Product in Action

A video is one of the best ways to show your product in action. There’s a reason why 73% of consumers have bought a product after watching one.

Demonstrate to your customers exactly what your product can do, why it’s worth the cost, who it’s for, and how it works. Videos not only showcase images of the product, but they also can demonstrate a wide range of visual options available to consumers.

Product Tutorials

Video isn’t just for potential customers. It’s also for current customers — to keep them happy. 97% of marketers say this type of content has helped their users gain a better understanding of their products and services, and that’s thanks to product tutorials.

Tutorials are a fantastic way to show your customers how to use your product to get the most out of it. This type of videos goes through exactly how to use their app. It covers everything from downloading the app to your mobile phone to getting the most out of its various features.

Customer Testimonials

It might sound crazy, but people trust reviews from strangers as much or more than they trust friends and family members. And they’ll carefully vet every product and service based on customer testimonials before they ever decide to make their own purchase. In fact, product reviews are 12-times more trusted than product descriptions. And what better way to share a testimonial than through video.

By sharing testimonials, you’re demonstrating your trustworthiness while at the same time you’re proving the value of your product. 

Visual Storytelling

Instead of creating a bunch of separate videos and trying to weave them into a story about your brand, turn your visual content into video series. Since the advent of Netflix and Hulu, binge-watching an entire TV show has become incredibly popular, but series aren’t just for TV shows.

You can create your own series that tells a continuing story with episodes released daily or weekly. And you can be as creative as you want. A few ideas include:

  • Sharing news every Monday in a “What’s Happening” series.
  • Taking an important topic and creating a three or four-part series delving into all the details.
  • Weekly How-To’s.
  • Come up with a story and tell pieces of it every week in a new video.

Promote Your Events

A big challenge is increasing event registration. Video is an essential tool that allows you to leverage the best elements of your event to get the word out to more people. 

You can use video to promote an event, by highlighting speakers, guest facts, and workshop information. It can also help promote your event through attendee testimonials or creating an informative video about what attendees will get out of the event. 

Use Videos in Your Outreach

Email marketing is still alive and well, particularly when you use video to enhance your efforts. Including visual content can improve your click-through rates, increase your open rates, and get your customers more engaged in your email outreach efforts. The key is to use video in such a way that it encourages your readers to click back to your website and not just stay in the email, which means using strategic CTAs to get your video to work for you.

Enhance your Visibility on Social Media

Consumers have become increasingly mobile-first and socially connected. Video is great for social media no matter if you’re sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube—all channels eat-up this type of content.

And with the right video creation platform for brands, you can instantly improve how you share video on social. The right platform will instantly adjust the aspect ratio for maximal exposure, support vertical and square video, auto-adjust text overlays, and include one-click uploads to social platforms.


Raising awareness, increasing sales, and improving your marketing efforts requires a solid marketing plan that includes videos. Consumers love them, and there’s every reason for you to love them, too. Videos can show how innovative your brand is, they are integral to reaching your audience, and with the right know-how, tools and a team of video strategists, a high-quality video strategy is within your reach.

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