Hachette Livre Uses Video to Inspire Its Employees among Its Brands

Hachette Livre is the largest publishing company in France and the third largest trade and educational publisher in the world. In October 2018, Hachette Livre started using Wochit to produce a wide variety of videos without requiring technical skills, improve their social media presence and increase their website traffic.

Encouraged by their results, and in order to get more of their brands on board, they held an internal video competition throughout  March 2019. The best video would receive a paid Facebook campaign from Hachette.

Guillaume Pech-Gourg, Group Chief CRM & Digital Marketing at Hachette Livre, says: “I’ve been delighted to see so much engagement and creativity from our publishers in the videos created during the competition. I am convinced that those great pieces of content will definitely improve the discoverability of our books and the desire from our readers to know more about them!”

With access to Wochit’s licensed media asset library, their employees were able to let their imagination fly by adding animated sequences, music, video clips, and images quickly and easily.

The results were amazing. Here are the best videos:

1- Annabelle

A great trailer, which sets the scene for the book and introduces the main concept. This is a simple idea but effective for storytelling with the help of well-chosen visuals that reinforce the text.

2- Le Caravage

This video is based on the simplistic concept of collecting the quotes for the book but executed perfectly with precision and very original use of image movement.





3- Education Aproximative

This video is a good example of the use of different content types (title cards, images, gifs) to control the pace and rhythm of the video.  It contains a nice mix of text styles and timing to keep the spectators interested.






4- Monsieur

This video showcases the usage of social media features by adding the author’s posts from her Instagram and Twitter profile and comments from her followers too.





And the winner is…

5- Hex

This video had a really good rhythm, with a great selection of video assets and clean, consistent visuals. The choice of font and music reinforces the atmosphere of the story. The video received bonus points for being created in two aspect ratios and optimized for sharing on multiple platforms.

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

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