A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a YouTube Channel and Uploading Videos

Open a YouTube Channel

In our previous blog post, we explained why it is so important for you to open a YouTube account for your company and create your own channel.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to actually set everything up.

Here is a simple-to-follow guide for opening an account, creating a channel, and uploading videos.

1. Sign In

Go to YouTube.com and click sign in. If you don’t yet have an account, it will ask if you want to create one.

2.  Create Channel

Once you have an account set up, look for a circular icon in the top right corner of your screen and click on it. A list will drop down and one of the options is “My Channel” or “Create Channel”. Click on it.

Set up a youtube channel

Alternatively, you can select “Settings” (you can see the Settings tab in the screenshot above) and you will be taken to a page that gives details regarding your name and gives you the option to create a channel.

set up youtube channel

3. Name your channel

Once you click on “create a channel”, you will be given the option to create a channel with your business name or other name. Click on this link.

create a youtube channel

After clicking on “use a business name or other name”, you are then taken to a page where you can name your channel.

name your youtube channel

4. Customize your YouTube channel

Once you name your channel, you can then customize your YouTube channel by adding a cover photo. You will also want to click on the About tab to add an About section to your channel.

customize youtube channel

A cover photo is important to have on your YouTube channel because it will be displayed at the top of each screen when a viewer is watching one of your videos. It is a great way to initiate and establish brand recall. Your cover photo should be 2560 x 1440 pixels and you will want its file size to be no more than 4MB.

When filling in the About Section, make sure to make it as detailed as possible. Believe it or not, many consumers will read through the content and this will be the first place they ever come into contact with your brand, meaning you have the opportunity to use the About Section as an effective method for leaving a lasting and memorable impression. And don’t forget to add links to all of your profiles on various social media platforms.

5. Upload videos

Each and every time you log into your account, you will notice an icon that looks like a video camera with a plus sign in the middle of it. Click on it to upload videos. Depending on the device you are using, the tab you want to click on may just say “Upload Video”.

Upload youtube videos

6. Optimize your video for SEO

Once you have uploaded your video, you’ll then want to optimize it for search before you hit “Publish” to post it to your channel. This is going to include adding a title, filling in a description of the video, and adding tags (keywords that are relevant to the topic of the video). Not only does optimizing the video help people on YouTube find it, but it can also increase your search engine results rankings on major search engines.

Having your own YouTube channel for your brand is great for expanding brand awareness and it allows you to let buyers get to know a side of your brand that they probably otherwise would have never known.

Ready to start creating videos to publish on YouTube? Contact us at Wochit today, and discover how!

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