Four Phenomenal Panda Videos

Animals videos are a staple of social content. They’re almost always popular, scoring a lot of views and shares. It’s no great mystery why – people like to see animals being cute and funny, and to simply see animals you don’t see everyday. One animal that we’ve been hearing a lot about on social lately is the panda! Check out these four great, Wochit-made videos from publishers all around the world, all focused on everyone’s favorite black-and-white bear.

L’Express: Two baby pandas to be born in France

This is an excellent, traditional social video. It utilizes a nice mix of story-specific video alongside stock stills and tells its story through detailed text-overlay. Notice how the overlay is branded to match the logo of L’Express in style and color – a nice way to create uniformity and recognizability in a publisher’s videos.

Open World: This is Panda

Open World embraces the humor in this footage of a person dressed in a panda suit playing with the animals. A playful tune backs the footage for viewers with the sound on, and the square format is perfect for Facebook. This cute, silly video is sure to be a big hit on social.

Asia One: Paw power

While this piece doesn’t feature the living, breathing animal, it is all about a love of pandas. The footage of a field of solar panels in the shape of a happy panda is incredible and surprising. AsiaOne’s overlay is animated to draw eyes and styled to match their branding. The unique story and animal connection makes for a winning social piece.

CBS News

An oldie but a goodie, this video from September 2016 has astronomical engagement: over 119 million views, 1.4 million shares, 763,000 reactions, and 245,000 comments. It’s a straightforward affair, letting footage of the adorable baby pandas take center stage. Succinct overlay and a brief cutaway to a newborn panda offer some context, but it’s that central footage of all the babies together that has made this video such a hit.

These four videos show off some of the best practices for social videos. But they all tap into one of the big factors that can drive social success – unique, standout content that audiences simply don’t see everyday!

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