Forget Everything You Knew About Making Video. New Wochit Collage Unleashes Your Creativity

If you’re following the latest video marketing trends, like we are, you’ve probably noticed that the best videos are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Videos are only becoming more and more sophisticated. Simply adding text does not cut it anymore. Keep in mind that a good video is a video you are proud of and that you want to share, so you need something that looks incredibly professional even if you think you don’t have the time, team, or ability to create it.

At Wochit, we constantly listen to our partners and keep our eyes open for the latest trends in the market. Not only do we ask for feedback on our existing features, we creatively brainstorm to learn more about the types of formats, features, and products they want. Our goal is to continually innovate so our clients can elevate the quality of their video production, through our deep knowledge of video trends and our ever-evolving platform.

Two of our most requested features in 2019 have been split-screen functionality and the ability to do cutaways on an interview. We heard from partners about the importance of creating longer videos for platforms like Facebook Watch and YouTube, where more visual creativity and more dynamic storytelling was a key factor for engaging audiences longer and increasing important metrics like watch time. 

And so we studied what was out there, both in terms of video formats that work, and exactly how they were being made with the traditional TV tools. Instead of taking the traditional complexity of a multi-track editor, we went to work on crafting the world’s first multi-layer video editing experience that works intuitively on a single track. We call it Collage.

What Can You Do with Collage?

We’ve had over 100 conversations with partners across the globe from Singapore to Switzerland and New York to Nevada. We’ve discussed all the way through from conceptualization to interactive mock-ups to alpha and beta builds. 

Here are some formats we’ve heard our partners get excited about being able to create for the first time with Wochit:

“You don’t need to be an experienced video editor or spend countless hours on technicalities to create a professional picture-in-picture effect for your video content”, says Wochit’s VP Product and CSM, Daphna Tsachor. “You simply use our new functionality to quickly, easily and intuitively create a layout that makes the most sense.”

It opens up a whole new realm for richer and more dynamic storytelling.

Intuitive Video Production for Better Ideation

It’s a core belief of ours at Wochit that great storytelling is what makes a brand shine in video, and we know that enhancing a story with visually rich layouts can take a video’s performance to the next level. 

But creating these layouts with traditional editing methods is both time-consuming and complicated. And recreating these layouts across multiple aspect ratios is a massive headache for those videos that need to be optimized for distribution to multiple channels. The reality is that 83% of marketers would increase their reliance on video if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. So a video solution that doesn’t just follow traditional ways, but that’s easy to operate and is more intuitive becomes a necessity.

People who are not video professionals still need to be able to unleash their creativity. For professional video editors, they need to be able to spend more time on storytelling and ideation and less time on technicalities.

But this can be challenging.

The Challenges of Creative Video Production

Every marketer is challenged to create a video that’s unique, but with one million minutes of video crossing the internet per second by 2020 that seems like an impossible task. To reach the 1.9 billion people who use YouTube (one-third of the internet) or to grab a large chunk of the 8 billion video views on Facebook every day, you need to stand out.

Not only does your brand have to produce quality video content, which tells your story, but you also need to do it quickly and in a way that’s not like everyone else. You need the ability to produce powerful and creative stories using different layouts.

Traditionally, this has always required an entire team of video production specialists who can handle the cumbersome and complicated process of creating videos. They have to know how to use complicated video editing software and have a budget of thousands to craft the final piece.

It’s a tricky, time-consuming production that’s probably out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses. And even for corporations, it’s too time-consuming to use for trending news stories.

After months of studying and dry testing different approaches on users, our Head of UX at Wochit came up with a brilliant user experience idea that resulted in a major enhancement of the Wochit timeline. Wochit users can now use our new collage feature to create scenes containing more than a single asset in a variety of layouts, which opens up countless incredible ways to tell a story in a video than ever before. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that videos are only going to become even more sophisticated as the playing field becomes more competitive. So brands need to be ready to jump onto the latest trends for the best storytelling with a quick and flexible solution. 

There’s nothing like Wochit Collage on the market that allows both professional and non-professional editors alike to create one-of-a-kind creative videos. Our intuitive platform with its new collage functionality makes it easier than ever to create dynamic layouts of all kinds for better storytelling. 

So forget what you’ve been told about video editing platforms. Just grab your video content and start creating. This is only the beginning…

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