Emojis, GIFs and more: Explore fun new ways to tell your story with Wochit

Video creation with Wochit is both easy and fun! Here are a few graphic elements that were added recently to the Wochit platform.  Spice up your videos with stickers and Gifs, create fancy listicle videos and discover weather infographics. Check them out today!

Emoji Stickers 🙂

Stickers are fun and now you can add them to your videos! Under the overlays menu, you will see the option for Stickers. This new feature in Wochit allows you to place a sticker over assets on your Timeline. Currently, the collection includes a selection of your favorite emojis. Placing the sticker is similar to how you use the blur tool, with the option to change the size, position and animation style.


Wochit is now partnered with Tenor, making it easy to add a little gif fun to your videos. A gif can be selected from the ‘GIFs’ tab in Media Selection or can be self-uploaded to the ‘My Uploads’ folder. Once added to your Timeline, you’ll be able to add effects just like any video asset.

No matter how you pronounce it, Wochit now supports GIFs!


The newest addition to our Text Overlay menu, the listicle option is an easy way to create a quick, social media friendly video for your audience. Whether it’s a list of top horror movies or a round-up of the news of the day, it’s going to look great!

Weather Infographic

One of the cornerstones of local news coverage is being able to share accurate weather reports with your audience. To make this easier, Wochit provides a pre-made weather infographic which is released twice daily. This makes it easy to quickly create a video with local updates for your audience, be it for Facebook or your own Website. Take a look at this article to learn how to make your own weather video!

Currently covering the US and Germany – but with plans to expand rapidly – this tool can be developed to include different languages and cities as needed. If you do not see the city you are looking for, please reach out to your CSM or sales contact for more information.

With these updates, social videos can be more entertaining than ever. Leverage the new graphics to make sure your brand’s personality is coming through!

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen