How Editorial Televisa Engages Digital Natives Through Video

Lina Rey is a Customer Success Manager at Wochit who works closely with LATAM clients to ensure that Wochit integrates seamlessly with their video strategy.

Editorial Televisa is one of the largest Spanish-language multimedia companies in the world. With numerous brands and properties, they pursue an aggressive online video strategy. Recently, we had the chance to speak to Tamara Mendoza, Web Editor at Revista Tú and Seventeen, both part of Editorial Televisa. Tamara told us about her team’s experience with Wochit and how they use video to connect with their teen audience.

Tamara’s Team
Tamara leads a team of 4 people who create videos daily with Wochit. The team creates two videos a day for each brand.

The first video is usually a breaking news topic from the entertainment world. The specific story is decided day-of, depending on what news emerges during that day. The second video is a general video. Tamara and her team look to stories that have generated traffic and engagement for video subjects, and Wochit’s platform allows them to quickly generate videos to match the news cycle.

Life Before and After Wochit
Before using Wochit, the video team used iMovie or Final Cut to make videos. The process was so time-consuming that they could only make one video a week. Editing in software of this type required a powerful computer and sourcing assets took a lot of time. After the video had been edited, video producers had to wait for an extended period while the final version was rendered.

But now, with Wochit, Tamara and her team are able to make videos quickly. Instead of one a week, her team is able to easily craft videos daily. In-built Wochit tools make their work much easier, by allowing the team to share a video in-process and exchange feedback with one another.

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When news breaks, the speed of creation and readily available assets that Wochit provides make it possible to create and publish a video immediately.This way, the team can be the first to report breaking news.

Know your audience
In discussing her team’s approach to creation, Tamara emphasized the importance of knowing your audience and knowing what they like. In the case of Tú and Seventeen, the audiences of the two magazines are in some ways very similar, yet very different in others.

Though they both target teenage girls, they target different age groups within that audience. And the topics the target audiences are drawn to differ simply because they are living different experiences. While one audience wants to hear about universities or first jobs, the other audience wants to hear about tips to keep your girlfriends forever.

Targeting Teens
It’s widely known that teens and younger audiences spend more time watching video online. To further leverage this video interest, Tamara and her team started making videos for Instagram stories.

Despite the popularity of Instagram Stories among users, not many publishers currently utilize the feature. Instead, brand and publisher pages on Instagram tend to serve simply as a way to funnel people to their website.

Tamara and her team have turned this standard strategy on its head, instead utilizing Instagram Stories to drive direct engagement with their audience. Followers respond to the stories with direct messages to the magazine, fostering a relationship with the brand. It happens so much that sometimes the team can’t answer all the messages they receive!

Tamara’s Final Piece of Advice
Many people think it is very difficult to reach younger audiences, but Tamara believes that the key is thinking about format and delivery. Teens spend a lot of time on their phones, so content should be mobile friendly. And if they are watching Instagram Stories (or heavily engaged with any particular platform or feature), that’s where publishers and brands should be sharing relevant content.

Creators should embrace the unique characteristics of particular platforms and features to make the most of their audience’s experience. Video is the key to engaging teen audiences, but creators have to be ready to cater to their taste and interests!

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Video creation isn’t available through mobile

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