“Cutting” It in Couture: Hot Video and Fashion Week

Fashion week has arrived, and you know what that means— hot video clips galore! The New York dates are September 10-17, London is the 18-22, Milan is the 23-29, and Paris is September 30-October 7. In other words, if you have the cash and room in your passport, Fashion Week can become Fashion Month. However, for the non A-listers, you’ll likely be taking to YouTube, E! Network, and your favorite fashion blogs for a peek into this autumn’s “hautest” looks. And that’s a good thing.

hot video fashion week

Unless you can swing front row seats (Hello, Kanye), the odds of getting up close and personal with the design details at a live event are slim to none. True fashion lovers are all about the high quality hot video watching. You get the best views, flawless clarity, and don’t even have to bother honing your elbow-rubbing skills.

(Of course, you miss out on the parties, the celeb sightings, and the sheer fabulous-ness of live events, but real fashionistas know what’s important—the fashion).

How are short videos used?

Short videos at fashion week can be used in a myriad of ways depending on who’s filming, the target audience, and what the goal is. For designers, short clips can highlight their most impressive collections, driving up their reputation and organic traffic to their sites. It can help solidify their label as authentic while ensuring loyal followers who love the idea of couture, but prefer the daily wear options featured on the designer websites as a more realistic option.

Fashion bloggers and other media leaders use short videos to drive up traffic on their own sites. It helps to establish them as a fashion police chief and—if they have exclusive videos they’ve filmed themselves—they might even be able to sell some of these clips to their competition. All is fair in love and Louboutins.

Hot video rules for fashion videomakers

Fortunately, much of the lighting has been done for videographers at fashion week. The music is taken care of, too, assuming you mute out unnecessary background noise (like the couple yapping behind you) and hone in on the special sets DJs designed just for the event. You have to get the right angles, which can take a bit of luck, planning, and paying big bucks for the perfect seats. It’s worth it for many videographers at fashion week since their fans will be grateful and the shares will come pouring in.

Well-edited videos are also a must. Fans may want to search by designer, event, or may even want to watch an entire show. Having full length hot video, highlighted clips, and clips of key selection with search engine optimization-rich descriptions and meta tags make searching for videos easy.

If you didn’t get tickets to fashion week this year, don’t worry. Your favorite fashion vloggers have you covered—and you don’t even have to change out of your yoga pants to “attend.”

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