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10 Great Examples for Social Videos

social video social video social video examples

Media brands and publishers are creating and sharing incredible social videos every single day. The variety – from content to style and beyond – is exciting and, for anyone interested, extremely informative. We’ve pulled together this collection of 10 great social video examples our clients have published this year. Each one is unique, but they all display an expert approach to social video.

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Weekly Wochit: stern finds success with an unusual pet

German publisher stern saw the opportunity for great social video in one couple’s out-of-the-ordinary pet. The unusual subject captivated viewers, scoring the publisher over 100,000 views and 400 reactions, 70 shares, and nearly 200 comments on this Wochit-made video. That kind of engagement – especially shares and comments – is the best way to reach new audience members on social.Read More

Broadcasters and online video: not as simple as it may look

Broadcasters and online video

The internet age has had a massive impact on traditional media, especially print publishers. But now, with the rise of online video, broadcasters are experiencing something akin to what their compatriots in print have been dealt with for years. While television remains popular, people are turning more and more to online video for content that was once exclusive to broadcast.

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Weekly Wochit: Spiegel Online looks to the skies

German publisher Spiegel Online spotted a great social video opportunity in the skies over Iceland, recently. The wondrous natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights lit up the night, and social channels the world over. This Wochit-made video tapped that interest. With over 3,000 shares, 26,000 reactions, 600,000 views, and 2,000 comments, this social video has grown to become one of Speigel’s most successful.Read More

Legacy news and online video: a look into a shifting landscape

News publishers and online video

The Reuters Institute released a new report in late September all about digital publishing. It looks at how a variety of legacy news publishers are adjusting to the new and shifting digital landscape. Naturally, online video is a major component of their findings.

We’ve seen publishers of every size and history turn to online video, both alongside their stories and on social channels. This new report illuminates how long-standing news institutions are grappling with the challenges of the new media environment.Read More

Weekly Wochit: Nothing draws engagement like baby animals

Animals are always a popular subject in social videos, even moreso  when they are babies. A recent video from CBS News shows just how strong that interest is. This Wochit-made video currently has 69 million views, nearly half a million reactions, over 150,000 comments, and a truly staggering 870,000 shares! Engagement on this level is something most video producers on social only dream of – even big names.Read More

4 tips to effectively publish videos on Facebook

tips to effectively publish videos on facebook

It’s hard to dispute that Facebook is the king of social. It’s where just about every publisher, brand, and outlet in the world goes to connect with new audiences. A key method to building those connections is through video. Facebook touts over 8 billion daily video views, an enormous number. As a platform, they have consistently increased their dedication to video, in response to its growing popularity among users.

No doubt Facebook is already a component of your social video strategy. We have some critical tips that will help you tackle this goliath and publish  your videos as effectively as you can.Read More

Weekly Wochit: A Plus taps our love of toast

A Plus is a publisher of positive journalism. Their content is focused on good news and heartwarming stories. This feel-good focus works well for their social video efforts. Emotional resonance is key to engaging social viewers, and positive emotions garner the biggest response. Ashton Kutcher, one of the founders of A Plus, pushed this video about a father who makes some very special toast creations for his kids. The Wochit-made clip has pulled in 1 million views, 13,000 reactions, nearly 1,000 shares, and hundreds of comments. The people love positivity!Read More

Want more traffic to your site? Try Facebook’s built-in video CTA

How to use Video CTA on Facebook

We all know that calls-to-action (CTAs) are an important part of social video. What do you want your viewers to do next? Share your video? Follow your page? Go to your website? A CTA is a great way to prompt your audience’s next step.

While CTAs are good for all kinds of actions, as noted, they are especially critical for publishers who want to drive traffic back to their own websites. A CTA designed with this goal is, naturally, much more effective if your viewer can simply click on the prompt. There was a time when clickable CTAs were not available on Facebook, but those times have changed.Read More

Weekly Wochit: Prevention has no anxiety over social video

Health and lifestyle magazine Prevention has a robust social video strategy. They tackle a variety of subjects relevant to their followers, providing the insight info they’re known for through a regular rotation of videos. This Wochit-made piece looks at foods that can cause anxiety is a great example of the publisher’s approach to social video. It’s short, snappy, and focused. Clearly Prevention knows how to tap into the interests of their audience, because response to this clip has been excellent. Over 200,000 views, 2,000 reactions, and – in that most coveted engagement form – nearly 2,000 shares.

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