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Weekly Wochit: 15Post succeeds with a video focus

Spanish-language publisher 15Post has a serious video focus. Video is the core of the their content, especially on social, so it’s no surprise they know how to craft an effective social video. This piece about a small device that lets you 3D print from your smartphone captivated audiences and their engagement. The clip has 2.6 million views (making it a bonafde #WochitWin), over 9,000 reactions, 1,500 comments, and a whopping 52,000 shares! That’s a serious hit.Read More

The State of Social Video 2016

social videos social videos social videos examples

2016 was a big year for online video, with nearly every media trend resulting in even greater demand. It’s now abundantly clear that publishing brands can no longer ignore video. Publishers and media companies have taken this strategic necessity to heart. In a recent, industry-wide survey conducted by Wochit, video was essentially universal among publishers. We’ve pulled together this recent research and findings from throughout 2016 to take a look at the biggest trends of this years….and consider what’s coming in 2017.Read More

Looking to increase your organic traffic? Video SEO best practices that any publisher should know

Increase organic traffic through video SEO

Video has become the foundation for social media, but it’s presence and importance stretches far beyond social networks. Video helps bring people to publishers’ websites and can keep them coming back, which is crucial for keeping ad revenue flowing. To get the most from video outside of social, it needs to be central to your SEO efforts. Read More

Weekly Wochit: HelloGiggles shows their distinct voice

In covering the recent announcement about a live-action Barbie movie, HelloGiggles pushed their coverage out in video form. HelloGiggles bills itself as a positive online community for women, focusing on issues that matter to young women. Their video bet paid off! It currently holds over 330,000 view, 1,000 comments, almost 400 shares, and tons of comments and sub-comments.Read More

3 Big Social Video Trends from 2016

3 big social video trends 2016

2016 has been a big year for social video. Popularity continues to increase among consumers. Publishers, brands, and outlets of every shape and size have embraced social video as a critical component of their online presence. We’ve seen numerous trends emerge over the last year as video has grown. Let’s take a look at 3 of the big changes that are sure to stick with us in the future.Read More

Weekly Wochit: BrightVibes knows the value of positivity

Positivity is a powerful emotion. On social, it motivates engagement and helps outlets build audiences. BrightVibes is a publisher focused explicitly on the positive. They share heartwarming and inspirational stories as an antidote to the less-than-pleasant news that seems unavoidable these days. This recent video success shows just how effective positivity can be in social video. The inspirational story of Angelina Jolie has almost 350,000 views, over 4,000 shares, nearly 6,000 reactions, and hundreds of comments.Read More

The Four Elements of Good Video Strategy

How to create a good video strategy?

We all understand the power of video in today’s world. On social media, on publishers’ sites, everywhere we turn online – video dominates. Its influence on social, especially, can’t be overstated. Video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined! That’s incredible power.Read More

Weekly Wochit: Mental Floss finds the flavor of success

Snake Person-focused publisher Mental Floss knows how to make video work for them. Their combination of info and humor in this piece saw some great returns. When a social video has over half a million views, 4,000 shares, 3,000 reactions, and 1,000 comments, it’s a sure sign the creators are doing something right. In this case, that “something” is…just about everything.Read More

Wochit survey: the state of social video 2016

the state of social video 2016

2016 has been a banner year for social video. Publishers, brands, and outlets of every size and niche have realized how critical video is to social strategy. Take our survey to glean insights on the video-based strategies of your peers and share your own.Read More

2016: Year of the Online Video Election

election video examples

The biggest story of the year has inarguably been the U.S. presidential election. From the primaries all the way through the results on November 8th, it has been (and continues to be) one of the most talked about events by publishers all around the globe. Naturally, in this age of online video, coverage in video on both social and publishers’ own sites has been expansive.Read More

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