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When breaking news happens, your news brand can’t afford to be behind the times. The most recent example is the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

On April 11, when news first broke that Julian Assange—who had been holed up in an Ecuadorean embassy in Britain—was arrested, publishers immediately began to share this abrupt end to a seven-year saga. In fact, dozens of publishers were creating videos in the hours that followed, of the shackled Mr. Assange being dragged out of the embassy. They made sure to cover every angle from celebrity reactions to top tweets, in-depth reports, and “what happens next” videos. 

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At 10:15 AM in London—5:15 PM (ET)—Assange was restrained and arrested, leading to a dramatic scene where British police hauled him out of the building where he’d been where he’d been granted diplomatic refuge.”

Within minutes of the news hitting the airwaves, Multimedia Live, 24 Sata, and SpotOn News all had videos created and shared about Assange’s arrest. Each video detailed what was going on in its own unique way with images, music, and video covering the arrest and providing insight into what was happening.

24 Sata

24 Sata was one of the first publishers to break the news at 7:02 AM (ET) with a ten-second Insta Snap showing a picture of Julian Assange and the words, “Ekvador Assange ukinuo azil, uhićen pri izlasku iz ambasade.”

SpotOn News Video

SpotOn News also wasted no time in spreading the word about Assange’s arrest. At 7:34 AM (ET), the agency released a one-minute video montage about the WikiLeaks founder. Using short video clips, still images, text, and music, the publisher told the story of the arrest while also providing insight into people’s responses around the globe.

MultiMedia Live Video

Minutes later, at 7:38 AM (ET), MultiMedia Live shared a clip of the arrest as it happened. They also shared tweets of people’s varied reactions to the news. Some fans sent thoughts and prayers while others claimed a “charlatan thug deserves a good long stay in one of our finest windowless prison cells.” In either case, MultiMedia Live was able to get a video out showing reactions to Assange’s arrest in just hours of it actually happening.

Observador Video

A little while later, Observador created a three-minute montage all about the arrest. Not only did they show a clip of the arrest itself, but they also complemented that clip with facts about Assange, who he is, how long he’s been searched for, and why his arrest is so important. Their video also brought in interview clips from the President of Ecuador, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Britain, and more.

CBS News Video

CBS News also shared a short one-minute video on social media of Julian Assange’s arrest. The video used actual arrest footage as well as text explaining why he was arrested and what charges he faces. They also included clips of President Trump and the DOJ talking about the arrest to provide a detailed overview of the breaking news story and why it matters.

SIOL Video

SIOL took a very different approach to their Assange video. Instead of focusing on the arrest, they shared a tweet from Pamela Anderson reacting to the news and calling out Ecuador, the UK, and the U.S. in a short 18-second clip.

Straits Times

Straits Times also took a unique approach. While they showed the arrest of Julian Assange, they focused most of their video answering the question, “What will happen to his cat?” This humorous video included cute clips and snapshots of the cat with Assange along with upbeat music and text explaining all about the cat and what happened to him.

La Repubblica Video

La Repubblica’s approach was to create a 44-second video timeline leading up to Assange’s arrest. They began the video with a still shot of Assange in 2012 and continued offering images of him throughout the years until his final snapshots in 2019.

Pro7 News Video

Last, but certainly not least, Pro7 News shared a minute-long video all about Julian Assange and his arrest. Through video clips, still images, text, and music they told the entire story, even bringing up his cat.

Breaking the News with Wochit

By publishing these videos so quickly, all these news publishers were able to take advantage of public interest in real-time. Using the most engaging format—video—these publishers were able to interact with their audiences, garner views, and demonstrate their ability to stay on top of what’s happening in the world by providing the right content at the right time.

It was all possible thanks to the Wochit platform, which empowered them through every step of the video production process. They had access to storyboards, high-quality library content, music, editing, and publishing all in one powerful technology. The system also uses powerful rendering technology in the cloud together with Amazon Web Services to allow high-quality production in record time.

Social integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram meant that the publishers could quickly and easily share their video across platforms to garner the most views and widest audience. You can learn more about Wochit’s integrations here.

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