Brands Need More Videos, But Who Should be Making Them?

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As brands increasingly turn to video as the core of their content strategies, practical questions about production and workflow naturally arise. Who should you task with crafting brand videos? Does every brand need a dedicated video team or video creator?

How can video production fit into existing structures and workflows?

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Turn to In-House Content Creators

In-house content writers are ubiquitous among brands these days. Depending on the demand and needs of your business, these talented creators can also be the perfect people to take up video production.

Your in-house content creators are already familiar with your brand identity and voice and are seasoned in shaping content that speaks to your target audience. Shifting those talents over to video production is a natural move (and platforms like Wochit make creation quick and easy, even for those just starting with video).

Leverage Existing Social Teams

Your brand’s social team, like in-house creatives, know your voice, identity, and audience, they’re tuned in specifically to how social audiences engage with your brand and how to grow that following. That puts your social team in a unique position to expertly utilize video in social growth.

If the bandwidth on your organization can allow it, empowering your social media team with video creation skills is a natural fit. They are familiar with your company as well as with the ins-and-outs of social media so, they are a better fit to fully leverage the power of video across social platforms.

Establish a Dedicated Video Team

For brands that have a need to produce large amounts of video, a dedicated team can be the right move. Regardless, they’ll come together to form a creative team dedicated to shaping the high-quality video content needed for a variety of uses online.

With video as their main focus, you can turn to these teams for all kinds of video – from social clips to marketing pieces to features for your own website. Not every brand needs a fully dedicated video team, but it can be a boon if your overall strategy calls for expansive video offerings.

Look to a Marketing Agency

One final place brands might turn to is an outside marketing agency. Many brands already contract with agencies for a wide variety of their marketing efforts, and an agency that has their own video creatives can lend that talent to your business.

Like your own in-house people, any agency you contract with should be familiar with your brand identity, and well-seasoned in marketing across the board. Letting their creatives craft social and marketing videos takes the burden off of in-house creatives who you may not want to bog down with additional tasks.

In the end, the best way for a brand to approach video production and workflow is a matter of individual structure, desire, and strategy. Some brands may need a dedicated team, others may simply want to get in on the social video game through their own social team or an agency, so you should consider your strategic goals and find a path that works for your company.

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