The Big Wochit Updates of 2017… So Far

We are constantly striving to improve the Wochit platform. We want to make video creation as straightforward and easy as we can, and we are constantly gathering feedback from creators using Wochit. Here are a few of the most requested and loved updates to the Wochit platform in 2017:

Inviting your Teammates to Wochit

Adding new team members to your Wochit account is now easier than ever. Invite people from your team through this right top menu.

Timeline Editing

Autosave and Undo/Redo

Go ahead and work on your video carefree. Everything you do is now auto saved! To undo or redo your actions, use the two icons located just above your timeline. These buttons will allow you to take your project 20 steps backwards or forward. You can use your keyboard shortcuts as well.

Split Tool

This new option for editing the length of video segments allows you to use the scissor tool to split the selected clip into two pieces. This is an ideal tool if you want to use an overlay like the quote tool on only a part of the original segment you cut.

Scene Detection

To make it easier to select a segment from a video, we’ve added Scene Detection to all videos in our Media Library. Scene Detection goes through a  selected video asset to detect different scenes and then segment it off so you can easily search and add the most relevant clips to your timeline.

Upload Your Assets Straight to the Timeline

Now you can add your assets to the media box on your Timeline. Simply drag and drop images and short clips (under 2 minutes) over the timeline media box and they will begin to upload for use in your video.

Text overlay updates

Text Styles

The Text Styles tool allows you to set the font, color, background, position, and animation of text boxes. Text Styles can be used within the same video or even across videos. Anyone on your team can create Text Styles and save them privately or share them with the entire production line.

The result? All of the videos created by your team will have a similar look, keeping your brand recognizable in the sea of social content. See examples of Text Styles in action.

Align and Distribution Options

This new tool will help to improve the accuracy and simplicity of placing multiple text boxes over an asset. The new Align and Distribute toolbar is available when you edit your text overlays

Text Shadow Options

Four shadow presets allow you to adjust the angle and depth of the shadow, in addition to an option to manually change the shadow opacity, angle, and distance. We’re excited to see the new and creative ways creators will use this tool to make their text POP!

Copy and Paste

You can now copy a text box and paste it onto the same asset, different assets, and even another story. Use your keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste text boxes, including their formatting and text timing!

Media Formatting

Image & Video Filters

Image & Video Filters allow you to make any asset in Wochit Instagram worthy! With 15+ filters, you can change the look and feel of your whole video with just a few clicks. This is also a great option If you want to add large text on an image, like a quote or title.

The Blur Effect

Wochit now allows you to Blur out images or videos (or part of them) using the tool under the Overlays menu. The Blur tool gives you the ability to adjust the size and the position of the blur and the rate of pixelation from 1 – 100 to get your desired effect. This is a great way to blur an object, or person in your video in addition to giving you another option as a background for quotes or texts.


In order to speed along your video making process, Wochit automatically adds transitions between videos and images on your Timeline. Now you can enable or disable these auto transitions per asset or for an entire video. 

Image Move Animation

Image Move Animations allows you to choose the movement of your image asset from a list of 12 different customizations. These include: no animation, Random, Pan Right, Pan Left, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan Up, or Pan Down.

Pan & Zoom

This overlay allows for the selection of 2 rectangles which specify the start and end of a pan-and-zoom over an image.

Wochit MoJo Uploader

We created a new mobile app that allows you to easily upload content to the Wochit gallery from your smartphone. Content can be uploaded directly to the timeline, allowing video teams to get started working with footage from the scene right away. Read some tips for mobile journalists and newsrooms.

Go to to get started!

With these updates, we have further empowered creators who use Wochit to craft expert social videos in a flash. You now have more control than ever, and the opportunity to give your videos even more standout character. And we’re not done yet!

Keep your eyes peeled, because even more great updates are coming soon.

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

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