Announcing a new Partnership with Mondadori Group

Announcing a new Partnership with Mondadori Group

Italian publisher Mondadori Group numerous brands across 38 different Facebook pages, with over 13 million followers. Their brands include Giallo Zafferano, Focus, Donna Moderna, Pianeta Mamma, and many more. Across them all, video has been a primary element of their content strategy, with great success. In April, Mondadori received over 90 millions views of its online videos!

With a growing focus on video and ever-more success through the medium, Mondadori has signed a new partnership deal with Wochit. The platform enhances their video efforts, and enable them to easily create and optimize more content for social, while remaining true to the voice of their brand.

Already the pairing of Mondadori Group and Wochit has proved fruitful, with Wochit-made videos getting over 30 million views for the company. Among the most popular pieces, Mondadori has seen great amounts of sharing, from 60,000 to 70,000 shares on individual videos.

We’re thrilled about this partnership and look forward to more amazing video content from all of Mondadori Group’s brands!


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