Your Comprehensive Guide to Event Marketing

Power of Video to Maximize Your Event Exposure

Event marketing and planning can be a challenge, but can be incredibly rewarding when done well. So how can you get the most out of your event? By keeping your audience engaged, interested, and excited.

A key to hosting a successful event is to generate buzz, and lots of it. You want people desperate to purchase tickets, amped to talk about the event during and after, and ready to attend the next one.

The best way to do this is through video. After all, 72% of consumers would rather use video to learn about a product or service than any other medium.

Video can be utilized at every stage of the event to drive awareness, highlight event details, promote specific calls to action, and tell the story of why your event matters. The key is to use video marketing creatively to maximize your event exposure, and here’s how.


Using video to talk about your event in the months leading up to D-day can be a powerful tool for increasing ticket sales, generating excitement, and engaging with your potential audience.

1. Thought leadership

Before the event, use videos to signal your event ’s thought leadership in its field, and why attending it will be an invaluable experience. This can be shared through B-roll footage of your speakers at past events or testimonials from attendees of similar or past events.

2. Increasing Awareness & Registration

Videos can be invaluable for reaching more people about your event and increasing registration. Think about making videos that act like commercials or movie trailers, so that your audience knows what’s coming and when.

3. Promote Event Speakers/Sponsors

With so many events going on, you need to be able to break through the noise. Video is a great way to do this. Consider creating videos of your speakers and sponsors that demonstrate who will be at your event and what they offer. These promotional videos will also help you pursue future sponsors and speakers while giving back to your current guest list.

4. Teasers

By offering your audience a sneak peek of what it will be like to attend your event, you increase excitement and generate conversations. Teasers of the same event from previous years or pre-recordings of your guest speakers sharing early snippets are great ways to generate interest.

During the Event

Real-time exposure of your event through video is vital to its success. Not only can you use these videos to engage your audience and create more momentum and enthusiasm, but you can also use them to get non-attendees excited for next year.

5. Takeaways

For your audience members, videos that highlight the key takeaways of each day can be a great way to pay homage to your event and to get conversations going. The goal should be to demonstrate why a particular conference or speech was exceptional, create buzz around it on social networks in real time, and give people a reason to want to attend in the future.

6. Best Quotes

Best quotes videos at the end of each day of the event are great for gaining exposure. These videos can then be repurposed for social media content, blogs, and more. Best quotes videos help you capitalize on your event and build up participation and excitement. These types of videos can also help you promote better attendance the next day.

7. Consolidate Tagged Posts and Tweets

Don’t be afraid to give back to your attendees through daily event videos. Go on social media and find all tagged posts and tweets, then combine them together into a video to promote what audience members are saying about your event while it’s happening.

Post Event

Once your event has ended, you can still keep the buzz going through video. This way you’re ahead in the preparation for next year’s event.

8. Highlights

Similar to the daily takeaway videos you post during the event, you should create a highlight reel of takeaways at the end of the event with the key sessions that happened. These featured videos should focus on the best of the best.

9. Take Your Event Straight to Your Audience

Finally, at the end of your event, there’s no time to delay thanking your attendees, sponsors, and speakers. Capture your post-event dinner or happy hour with video, and ride that feel-good feeling by also creating a variety of short videos with clips from sessions, on-camera interviews, and footage that you can share on social media fast. The aim here is to maintain momentum while your event is still relevant. Social networks like LinkedIn are the best medium for videos offering a recap and glimpse of your event.

Using video to promote your events in every stage is a great way to generate excitement, reach a wider audience, and prepare for future events. Marketers know that incorporating video production into their event strategy is worth a million words and is a vital promotional tool.

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