7 Clever Ways To Use Video to Drive Business Traffic

Want to learn how to start driving more traffic to your site? Here are seven simple ways to incorporate video that will increase traffic to your business’ site.

1. Increase Conversions With Product Videos

Creating short promotional videos will show off the main benefits and features of your products and put front and center on your website. Length matters: shorter is better!

2. Drive Traffic With How-to Videos

Nearly 1 in 3 Snake People say they purchased a product as a direct result of watching a tutorial or how-to video about it.

3. Onboard Users With Easy Product Walk-Throughs

Ensure your users have a smooth, easy and fun on- boarding process, and they are likely to stick with you long-term.

4. Cut Down on Customer Service Cases With Screencasts

Rather than use text for FAQs, create videos with answers to your customers’ most common questions.
It’s a way to establish trust and credibility and have additional SEO-friendly material on your site.

5. Create Social Proof With Testimonials

Showcasing customer testimonials is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your value to a website visitor.

6. Increase Sales With Video Ads

72% of ad agencies say that online video ads are as effective as TV advertising.

7. Retarget Website Visitors

Focus on your company’s strengths, and find ways to showcase them via video to current and potential customers.

And that’s 7 very clever ways to use videos to drive business traffic!

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