6 Tips To Help Brands Succeed With Social Video

6 Tips to Help Brands Succeed With Social Video

Social media is a crowded space for brands. The competition for attention is intense, and some brands struggle for engagement with their content. Social video can help brands overcome these woes. With a few key points in mind, any brand can start leveraging the power of social video to drive engagement, grow their audience, and meet their goals!

Craft a Strategy

A clear video strategy is key to success on social. First, you must identify their goals. Is the aim to grow a social following? Drive traffic to a website or product? Simply raising brand awareness and visibility?

For some brands, the answer may be simple and singular; for others, it may involve a bit of everything. That’s ok! Shaping a strategy simply requires full awareness of the goals video can help you reach. Your goals will shape elements of your content, such as your CTAs and the ways your prompt engagement from viewers.

Know Your Audience

Who are you making videos for? Even brands looking to raise visibility broadly have a target audience. You should always keep this group in mind when shaping videos.

What are the traits and interests of this core audience? What do they expect from your brand and how do you want them to see your brand? Make videos that highlight the personality of your brand while tapping into the interests of your audience.

As you connect with this core audience, their engagement and shares will bring your content to more and more viewers. You’ll be solidifying a long-term relationship between target groups and your brand, while also expanding your audience into new territory.

Keep it Consistent

To get noticed on social, you have to be present, and that means posting regularly. Brands should be posting various content multiple times a week, with special placement given to social videos.

Video is the most favored and engaged with content on social. So when you share a video, do it at a time to maximize exposure, and keep a regular schedule to your video content. This assures maximum impact and can help foster a following of eager viewers.

Utilize Emotion

Invoking an emotional response has been shown to be critical to social success. While any kind of strong emotion can help a video gain views and engagement, positivity is overwhelmingly the most successful. And it makes the most sense for brands.

You want your audience to have positive feelings about your brand directly – to trust your messaging or be excited by your products. But you also want to create broad, positive associations, which you can do through video. A heart-warming social clip may not explicitly pitch your brand, but it will evoke positive feelings that viewers will associate with your business.

Strive for genuine emotional resonance and avoid being cheesy. Tell authentic stories that naturally evoke emotions in viewers to get the most out of your videos.

Be Social!

It’s known as social media for a reason, so don’t simply broadcast to your audience, connect with them directly. Pose a question to your followers with your video or share copy, then respond to the comments they leave. Try including CTAs in your video that provokes conversation.

Comments and discussion raise the visibility of a post, drawing new people your video. The direct connection also makes your followers feel special, keeping them invested in your brand.

Remember, Videos for Social is Not Just Video Marketing

Finally, remember that social video is not simply video marketing. Rather, social video is about the creation of unique content that builds a relationship with viewers.

Even if your goals are to lead your social audience down the pathway to conversion, your social videos are not sales videos or promotions. While, of course, you’ll want to showcase the value of your brand on social as well, the heart of your social video strategy is about audience connection.

By crafting content that appeals to your target audience, you’ll build a loyal following who engage with and share your content across social. The loyalty and relationship established with these followers tee them up for wherever you want to send them next, in a way that an advertising bombardment simply can’t.

With these key points in mind, any brand can get started down the path to social video success! To find out how Wochit can help brands reach their goals, learn more about the platform here.

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