6 Tips for Creating an Awesome Company Holiday Video

The holiday season is no reason for your company to slack on its video content. Instead, it’s the perfect time to ramp up your video production and reach a wider audience as more and more people come online to get in touch with friends and family, shop for gifts, and take a break from work. Viewers retain 95% of a message they watch in a video, compared to 10% when reading, so video is the perfect medium of choice during this busy time when attention is at a premium.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and your company can take advantage of all this season has to offer by creating an awesome holiday video(s). The key is to create videos that close out the year on a high note and keep your audience entertained. If you do this, you should be able to witness a 27% higher click-through rate and 34% higher conversion rate on all your holiday marketing materials.

Here are six tips for putting together a holiday video that truly works.

1. End of Year Round-Up

One of the easiest videos to put together for the holidays is a summary of what you’ve accomplished over the past year. Celebrate your successes and remind people of all that’s happened. You can also think of this round-up video as a chance to talk about obstacles that you’ve overcome and how you kept going in spite of everything.

Another idea for your end of year video is to talk about the future. This is a great way to get your viewers excited about where next year is headed and what you and they can expect. Cover such topics as:

  • Your company goals for the New Year.
  • Your game plan for achieving those goals.
  • How your customers will be an important part of this.

It’s critical that you’re honest, transparent, and tell a story that keeps your viewer’s attention just like this example video storyboard created by the Wochit team. This ready-made template is already available for Wochit brands to use, which makes it easier than ever to get a completed video out to your viewers.

2. Show the Face of Your Company

The holidays are also an ideal time to get more personal in your video content. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, this is the ideal time to have your CEO or another executive say a few words. After all, thought leadership is very influential in the purchase process with 90% of decision-makers listening to what executives have to say. The good news is that you only need your CEO to speak for 30 seconds of less to make an impact. This interview video by the European Journalism Centre is a perfect example.

Other ways to personalize your holiday video content include:

  • Having team members speak about what makes the company work atmosphere special.
  • Showing real interaction between team members, which demonstrates the team at work.

Just remember that your audience wants to get to know who you are, personally. This means that you should incorporate pictures from your holiday party (whether real or staged), including some fun group photos.

3. Say Thanks

The end of the year is also an excellent time to thank your customers, partners, or investors for their loyalty. The idea is to show them their importance and how they are a part of what made it happen. This might mean gathering some statistics of success, particularly stats that relate directly to the individuals you’re thanking. And don’t forget to give credit where credit is due—thank your team for their hard work too!

Another idea to go along with the “thanks” theme is to let your customers show their gratitude. You could create a video that features client testimonials to show how you’ve made a difference for them or interview a client in a case study format.

And don’t forget to be creative. Depending on how you want to give or receive thanks, you can use humorous memes or heartfelt gestures. Whatever makes sense. Even Harry and Meghan understand the power of “thank you” in this news video:

4. Holiday Giving

Tis the season of giving so a video that shows how your company gives back is an excellent idea. This is your chance to highlight a community project that you sponsored with short clips or snapshots of the work you performed. Or you can create a whiteboard video that show statistics related to company donations. Other ideas include a video announcing new sponsorships, donations, proceeds, projects, etc.

And remember, personal is ideal. So, don’t be afraid to interview people involved in your giving opportunities. Ask them to explain:

  • Why they got involved.
  • Why giving back is important.
  • What they enjoyed about the experience.
  • Why they would participate again.

5. Make It Entertaining

As with any video, the only way you’ll get your viewers to watch the entire thing is if it’s entertaining and has all the qualities that viewers are looking for. A few ideas include:

  • Be heartfelt: Share touching stories about clients whose lives you’ve touched or what your company is about.
  • Have fun: Use trending topics to do parodies, or fun skits that relate to your product/brand/industry. You can also share just random fun about the holiday season. We particularly love the idea of adding some great music tracks and showing off your company dance moves.
  • Be surprising: And don’t be afraid to be a little surprising, too. Start off serious in your video with a heartfelt thank you or year-end round-up, and then surprise your audience with something fun and unexpected at the end.

For example, this cute video by Southern Living all about an ugly sweater business throws in entertaining clips of holidays celebrations to keep you interested in the story.

6. Be Genuine

Finally, the key to the holidays is to be real with your audience by telling a story. Make sure the video you share is genuine and shares a message that your entire company can be proud of. As much as you can, share candid clips of pictures of your team to demonstrate who you are in a way that your customers can relate to.

Then, don’t forget to end the video with a holiday-inspired CTA such as “Contact us this holiday season and get a jump start on your competitors!” or “Head to our website for more great holiday videos to enjoy!”

The holiday season is the perfect time to share great video content with your community. Just remember to be fun, real, and strategic with your video production and you’ll have great results.  

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