5 Radio Stations and Podcasts That Got a Social Boost with Video

5 Radio Stations and Podcasts That Get a Social Boost with Video

Audio is not the most social-friendly content. Audio content requires time and attention that social audiences don’t often give on social. Social networks are built to favor visual content, especially video. This doesn’t mean social is a no-go for radio broadcasters and podcast networks, though. Social video can serve audio-centric publishers by growing audiences and creatively transforming what starts as audio content into a video form (such as interview clips and live performances).

Radio France Internationale

RFI has a robust social video strategy that sees them publishing on a daily basis. Part of this strategy involves a weekly feature, seen above, that translates to “One Day, One Event.” This historical spotlight series doesn’t tie directly to a broadcast feature, but helps build a regular audience on social that can be driven to RFI’s radio content.

France Culture

France Culture brings a variety of its broadcast content to social via video, including in-studio footage of interviews. Here, they use a custom development feature by Wochit that generates a sound-wave animation matching an audio clip. This allows them to quickly share audio content to social in a format that takes advantage of pro-video algorithms and stands out more in feeds than a simple link or audio file.

Public Radio International

Here, PRI offers the kind of news coverage found in their broadcast content but in a social friendly video format. This is a great social news video, featuring a variety of interesting, relevant assets and a story told through standout text overlay.

France Musique

France Music shows off a classic social video format in this piece: the listicle. While focused on musician George Gershwin, this video doesn’t tie directly to a specific broadcast piece. Instead, it serves to build the audience on social, which helps produce higher engagement and listenership in total.

France Bleu

This video puts one of Wochit’s newest features to use: gifs! The piece is built from a series of funny gifs, with straightforward text overlay to tell the story. Playfulness and humor are always great angles for social video. Light-hearted content often sees more shares and engagement. This is just one example of an aggressive social video strategy by France Bleu that sees the publication of multiple videos every single day.

Just as traditional print publishers benefit from social presences and social video, so too can radio and podcast publishers. Social video can serve as a new way to share what began as audio-only content. And social success is critical for audience building in today’s media environment. Video continues to be the best way to reach new audiences and grow a social following, which in turn will allow radio broadcasters and podcast networks to transform those new followers into regular listeners and subscribers to their audio content.

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