5 Qualities of a Successful Marketing Video

5 Qualities of a Successful Marketing Video

The content of a video is imperative to its overall value, but successful marketing videos are about more than just content. Here’s a look at five video qualities that increase engagement and boost conversion.

1. Heavy Focus on a Story

Consumers prefer advertisements to come in the form of a story.

Stories convey an emotional aspect and allow you to engage consumers in a way that traditional advertising doesn’t effectively do anymore. Your goal is to create a story that embodies how your product or service can positively impact the lives of the audience. You want the audience to be able to imagine themselves as the hero of the story, overcoming the villain and succeeding in achieving their goals.

Check out this GoFundMe video that effectively tugs at the heartstrings of their viewers:

2. The First 10 Seconds Are Highly Engaging

Did you know 20% of viewers will leave a video after watching only 10 seconds of it? One of the best ways to hook your audience is by asking a question and sparking their curiosity. When you ask a question that they don’t have a clear answer to, they will keep watching to learn the solution. And if you can get them past the first three seconds, there’s a 45% chance they will continue watching the rest of the video.

3. The Target Audience Is Being Targeted

The purpose of identifying target audiences is to make sure your videos are custom-tailored to reach them. If you have more than one target market or buyer persona, you’ll need to create various versions of your marketing videos. Not only does this land your videos in front of the right audiences, but it also gives you the chance to use analytics to test various elements.

For example, you’ll want to test view time rates and viewer engagement for each video to see which ones are garnering the best results. You can then tweak the rest of the videos according to your findings to boost their engagement rates. You may find certain types of personalization work well for different target audiences.

Analytics are of the utmost importance to measuring a video’s success. You’ll be able to see who is watching your content, where they are located, how many times they watched it, how long they watched it for, which sections received the highest view rates, and which devices they used. If you discover most of your viewers are using mobile devices, you’ll definitely want to keep this mind and create videos that are designed specifically for on-the-go consumption.

Check out our blog post here with more tips on video content marketing.

4. Always Include a CTA

Your CTA should be cleverly placed at the end of the video, and it should entice people to contact your company and/or start following your brand on its various social media profiles.

Check out our video about social video KPIs. You can see an example of a CTA at the end of the video:

5. Tag, Tag, Tag

SEO plays a vital role in making sure your videos land in front of the right audience. All videos need to be tagged with relevant keywords and phrases. You’ll also want to ensure the title clearly states what the video is about and that it includes relevant keywords too.

After you’re finished tagging the video, make sure to put a detailed summary in the description box. The longer and more detailed the description, the better. If possible, include a transcript of the video’s audio somewhere on the page. Google and other search engines will crawl this content and it will boost the SEO value of your video.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Are you ready to take your video content marketing to the next level? You can start by integrating the five qualities listed above into your video creation process. You can also depend on Wochit as your go-to source for all video-related things for content marketing.

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