5 Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Video For Your Blog

Video is a smart addition to any blog. It’s a way to diversify your content and draw in new audiences. And while it has become easier than ever to make video, making a great video for your blog does require some thought.

Here’s a perfect example of a blog video post from our partners at USA Today.

Before posting your next blog video, make sure you’re not making one of the 5 biggest video mistakes: 

1. Don’t start making a blog video without a plan

It might seem easy to just start slapping related assets together on a timeline to be sorted out as you go along, but results from that approach will be mixed at best. You might have trouble zeroing in on your point, or lose sight of it entirely, derailing the production process.

At the very least, you should have an idea of the structure, your major point, and any assets you’ll need. It can be useful to write out a full script for your video, to keep yourself on-point and avoid going on for too long.


2. Don’t make your videos too long

Shorter is always better; it’s the golden rule of online video. The last thing you want is for a viewer to get bored and click away. Hit viewers with a single point, then send them on their way.

While some subjects may call for a longer video, your mantra for blog video making should be “keep it short!”


3. Don’t forget your CTA

A call-to-action is an important tool in trying to guide your viewers’ next step. You can actively encourage them to follow you, share the video or just about anything else.

Not every viewer is going to take action, but those that do have committed to another level of engagement. That’s hard to beat!


4. Don’t bury your blog video beneath a text post

You have video on your blog post, so show it off! Highlight video posts on your homepage and push news of your new clips out on social.

If a clip is accompanying a text post, put the video at the top, so it doesn’t get missed. It’s best to avoid putting video at the bottom of a page or in a sidebar, as users might mistake them for ads.


5. Don’t go MIA

Your Guide to Social Video

You may not want to include a video with every single blog post, and that’s ok. But if you want to get the most out of video, you should be sharing new clips regularly. Your audience should look forward to your next blog video, not wondering if it’ll ever appear.

Keep these common missteps in mind and you’ll be on your way to successfully making the leap to the wonderful storytelling medium of video.


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