4 Smart Social Videos about Science


The Pocket Guide to Social Video

Science-based stories can present a challenge to social video creators. While the subject may be fascinating, finding a way to cover often complex subjects in a short, punchy format that keeps viewers engaged is no small feat. But just because scientific stories often require more detail than a breaking news bulletin doesn’t mean they can’t be social successes.

These four publishers show how best practices and creative production can shape any science story into an accessible social video.


This slick piece embraces all the best practices for social. Use of the square video format, creative and succinct overlay, and a ton of great video assets make for a standout video. They also take their time, giving viewers a fully and detailed story. Despite being a little longer than the average social video, the great production and fast pace keeps viewers engaged all the way through.

The Royal Society

The Royal Society takes viewers through the major moments of scientist Marie Curie’s life in this piece. The combination of straightforward, informative overlay and memorable assets capture attention. And the subject offers viewers a chance to learn more about a figure whose name they may know, but whose story they may not.


The creators at ZDNet take a detailed look at a highly technical story here, but use smart production techniques to keep it compelling for all viewers. The text-overlay pops out of the screen with colorful boxes and highlighted phrases. Animating the text onto and off of the screen also reengages the eye. The video’s description includes a link to a written article on the subject, giving any interested viewers a ready portal to ZDNet’s own site.

New Scientist

New Scientist has cultivated a large audience for its social videos, and it’s easy to see why. The creators pair fascinating stories with engaging production values and great assets. Offering unique stories that pique the interests of viewers also drives comments and shares. All their best practices are on display in this well-crafted clip.

Best practices make any video more engaging for social viewers. Combined with the often unique and fascinating stories surrounding scientific discoveries and knowledge, creative production can ensure audiences stay engaged even with complex subjects.

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