4 German publishers to go social

German publishers are going social

With clients and partners all around the world creating videos, we want to highlight the talent and skill of creators everywhere. Today we’re taking a look at 4 striking videos from some of our German partners. Each shows off a creative prowess and social know-how that draws views and drives engagement. Check them out!

RTL Aktuell blows us away

This straightforward news clip plays its hand perfectly for the Facebook crowd. It’s square, runs a crisp 30 seconds, and it opens with wowing imagery. A video clip of someone being blown backwards by the wind is the kind of asset that will easily draw viewers in!

Liebenswert offers a recipe

Video content like recipes and lists can be especially effective on social because it lets viewers know what they’re getting into. This piece keeps it simple, giving audiences the recipe step-by-step in just 35 seconds. And it closes with a great branded splash!

InTouch knows the power of emotion

The emotional gravity of Meryl Streep’s speech in this piece tugs naturally on the heartstrings. That kind of emotional resonance is a powerful tool on social, keeping viewers engaged. Here, the creators know they can play it simply by just translating the speech in subtitles for their audience and contextualizing the event in their share copy.

stern says goodbye to Michelle Obama

This tribute to Michelle Obama was a social smash, prompting thousands and thousands of shares and garnering over 1.3 million views! The combination of great visual assets, a global celebrity, and tapping into a major topic of discussion (at the time of the video’s original publication) all work to power this clip. While there is some simple text overlay, the creators are smart to let the footage do the work here.

Stunning, successful social videos are being crafted the world over. As you look to your own video and creative strategies, learning by example is a great way to start.

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