4 Critical Questions to Ask When Building a Video Team

Publishers, media companies and brands continue to invest more time and money into video creation. As the need for video continues to increase, many have started putting together in-house video teams, tasked with creating content for social and O&O websites. The editors chosen to lead these teams face the task of crafting a quality video team and the tools they need.

The crew may be populated by current or new staff, depending on the organization. But regardless, there are some key considerations and challenges to be aware of when starting a video team.

Do you need video professionals?

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The answer is that it depends on your goals. Video professionals bring experience and skills that can be crucial to organizations, especially ones looking to craft long-form, in-depth content. But if your aim is to craft short-form videos for social and to accompany articles on your own site, there’s another way to build out your team.

Creatives already on staff can be tapped for your video efforts. Even if you’re selling new hires, a combination of relevant skillsets (such as journalism, social media, or creative backgrounds) can flesh out your team.

A big part of not solely needing traditional video professionals are the tools now available to creators.

How does your choice of platform impact creation?

Again, your choice of creation platform will be influenced by your goals and the type of content your organization is looking to create. Does your team need to able to produce multiple videos a day?

Traditional, heavy-duty video creation platforms can take a long time to use – we’re talking hours just to craft a short video. And they have a learning curve that can be steep for new users. But newer platforms (like Wochit) make creating and editing video simple and intuitive, even for the uninitiated.

If your team needs to create several videos a day, or needs the flexibility to rapidly produce a video on a breaking news subject, technology can be a real help in keeping on track.

How do you source assets?

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Every video team needs assets to use in creation. Even big news organization that may have many in-house assets captured in the field will still find themselves wanting for archival and stock assets.

Sourcing this material doesn’t have to be a timesuck (or a financial burden). Asset libraries exist for still and video assets that your organization can subscribe to for relatively low costs and ready access. Wochit’s asset library actually includes the material from some major sources, such as Getty, as well as up-to-the-minute content from news organizations (Reuters, AFP, AP, etc.) and mobile journalists around the world.

Whatever your solution, having access to a library from which your team can quickly draw helps streamline the creative process.

How do you translate written content to video form?

Perhaps the biggest editorial challenge in getting a video team off the ground is creating engaging video content from written pieces. Maybe the video is meant to accompany the article, maybe it’s meant to draw social viewers over to the written piece on your site, or maybe it is meant to be a recreation in video form to leverage interest. Whatever the case, crafting videos from non-video content is sure to be on the table for your team.

There are a variety of considerations to keep in mind when moving content from print to video. For an in-depth look at the jump from print to video, we have a more detailed look at those particular challenges for you and your team members.

These are just a few of the hurdles you’ll face in getting your video team off the ground. Other challenges like getting the right editorial guidance, placing the right processes in place and working with the right people are all part of the mix (see how HelloGiggles tackled these hurdles when building their video team). With advice in hand to overcome them, your entire crew will be on their way to crafting great videos quickly and effectively. And your organization’s social presence will start to flourish.

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