RTL Next Horses Around with Heels and Lands Big Views

RTL Next is part of RTL Group, a leading European entertainment network with numerous brands, TV networks, local stations, and online outlets. RTL Next’s Facebook channel is centered on unique stories that make a social splash. Their creators are consistently crafting outstanding – and successful – social videos. This piece about “hoof shoes” shows off that talent!

Check out the great video below:

This playful nature of the product on display here, and the humorous approach to the video, make this a great piece for social. The title and share copy asks the question, a bit tongue in cheek, “who needs those?” prompting comments and responses from viewers.

The creators open the clip with a video asset, a crucial move to immediately grab the attention of the audience. The regular use of moving images throughout the piece helps keep viewers interested and engaged.

Text-overlay tells the story of these unique shoes. Color boxes help the text stand out over the other  assets and the creators keep the overlay succinct. By utilizing overlay, the video works better for viewers in any situation – a must in our mobile-centric times.

The square format is a must for social. It previews in full-size, naturally standing out in cluttered feeds. And square videos display well regardless of screen size or orientation.

RTL’s creators keep it short with this one! While data suggests videos are starting to get longer, the sweet spot for virality is still between 30 seconds and one minute. This piece falls right in that range at 46 seconds.

Finally, note the ever-present branding in the top right corner. While non-intrusive, it serves as a constant reminder to viewers of the source of the video. That visual reminder helps build familiarity with the brand and content, as well as build association with the brand as one that puts out quality and engaging content.

All-around, this video is a great, playful piece. We look forward to more excellent content from RTL Next!

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