10 Tips for an Effective Youtube Channel

Every social network is pushing video. Every publisher and media company is creating video. And everyone is trying to find ways to make a return on their investment. But, despite all the emphasis on video across varied social platforms, the best place for publishers to make money is still the original king of video: YouTube.

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

Our own industry-wide survey points to this, with YouTube being one of the top places for monetizing video content. Similar to other social networks, you need an active, engaged audience on YouTube for monetization to work. It’s the only way to draw advertisers to you.

We asked our Director of Content, Rebecca Stefansky, to share some tips from operating the Wochit Studio’s YouTube channels. So whether you’re looking to get started with a YouTube channel or you just want to optimize the one your organization already has, she has some important advice to help you make the most of it:

1. Start with one channel.

Even if your organization has different divisions or content streams, starting with one channel allows you to speak in a singular voice. Stick to your core brand and target your ideal audience.

2. Set up the landing page for your channel.

The landing page is very important. Invest in your trailer, thumbnail and banner so they speak to what your channel is all about.

3. Fill out all of the fields in the About section.

Bots can’t watch your video to index it, so they rely on the text you provide to match your content up with interested viewers.

4. Don’t just upload videos, curate the content.

Make playlists of your videos for different topics or interest. And make sure your most popular content is above the fold.

5. Commit to a schedule.

Whether you want to publish 5 videos a day, 1 video every 2 days, or whatever – set a schedule and stick to it! If you’re just getting started, publishing 3 times a week is a good place to start.

6. Publish at the right time.

Early mornings, around lunchtime, and in the evening are the best times in the day to push out new content.

7. Engage your viewers.

Make content that prompts engagement, and interact with your subscribers – respond to comments, or at least give them a thumbs up. For a channel to succeed, 50% depends on the video production and 50% on interacting with your following.

8. Utilize CTAs.

You need people to subscribe and come back – interaction does that, but also you can use the tools youtube offers (e.g., in-video CTAs) to drive subscription.

9. Give your audience the content they want.

Entertainment and News both work well in terms of monetization.

10. Stay engaged.

Once your channel is up and running, don’t neglect it! Up-keep doesn’t need to be a huge timesuck, though.  An hour a day should be enough to review your comments and engage with your audience.

While video is the main focus all across social, YouTube remains the leader in terms of monetization opportunities. With our advice, you should be able to grow a successful channel and tap a new revenue stream with your video efforts.

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