10 of the Best #WochitWin Social Videos of 2017

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

2017 has been a banner year for social video. Publishers and media companies of every stripe have been crafting more  amazing video content than ever. publishers have been producing incredible social videos and finding ever-greater success. With so many excellent videos with over 1 million views being made with Wochit, it was a challenge to select only 10 to highlight.

But in honor of all the smash hits this year has brought, we’re taking a look at 10 of the best #WochitWin videos of 2017.

Focus: How to build a house in 24 hours with a 3D printer

Clocking in at 90 seconds – just long enough to take advantage of mid-roll monetization – this is a captivating video. The fascinating story, high quality video assets, and quick pace work together to keep viewers glued to the screen and engaging with comments, shares, and reactions.

Essence: Geminis are…

This simple, fun, celebrity-centric social video knocks it out of the park. Combining memorable moments and stars with a look at the Zodiac sign of the season makes for prime content for Essence’s audience.

Pianeta Mamma: The nine-month journey to birth

Part listicle, part heartwarming (and educational) video, Pianeta Mamma runs through the 9 months of pregnancy with great footage and animations. The overlay is straightforward, succint and matches the publisher’s branding.

IHeartRadio: Remembering Tom Petty

Tributes always make a splash on social, as viewers relive their own memories and experiences tied to passed star. This piece pays tribute to Tom Petty by counting down ten of his best known songs, and massively engaging viewers.

CBS News: Mom deals with fighting siblings and goes viral

CBS picked up a viral story to share with their audience here, filling in context and telling the story through overlay. The viral power of the story is obvious in the stunning engagement numbers on this video.

L’Express: Swedes give flowers to policemen

This unique, feel-good story from L’Express is brief, sharp, and touching. In many ways, this is a classic social news clip, catering to a wide variety of viewers with its interesting story that is sure to pique the interests of many.

Humankind: Tortoise races hare, guess what happens

This clip is straightforward, without the need for even any text overlay for context. Viewers get exactly what they came to see – a race between a rabbit a turtle. At a snappy 43 seconds, it’s the perfect length for social success.

HelloGiggles: Your Period, As Told By Horror Movies

This piece smartly pulls together seasonal content (horror films around Halloween) with a women-centric subject for HelloGiggles target audience, with playfulness and humor. The shared experience and nostalgia of the horror movie clips prompted tons of engagement.

Merci Alfred: Timelapse of the Earth

This slick clip combines stunning satellite footage with sharp text overlay. The text animates in creative ways that grab attention and establish the rhythm of the video. The tongue-in-cheek share copy helps frame the video and prompt engagement from viewers.

Elle: What are we eating in Portugal?

This piece pulls footage and images from Instagram to craft a great video about cuisine in Portugal. Pulling user-made content from social is a smart way to populate videos with unique imagery, and the personalized feel helps connect viewers to the content.

2017 has been another stellar year for social video and there’s no doubt 2018 will bring even more incredible videos. We can’t wait to see what our users have in store for us!


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